Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 4th

Today marks 3 years since Steve and I were married. We have had a whirlwind three years to say the least. It has been fun, stressful, joyous and challenging all at the same time.

In the past three years, we have been through the following major events:

*Steve studies for, takes and passes the bar exam
*I am promoted to a management position- I have a staff for the first time and will be traveling the world for weeks at a time
*Steve starts his first official job as an attorney- one he ends up HATING
*We get our first baby, a puppy we name Toby
* We buy our first house
*Steve changes jobs and starts a new position at the Tarrant County DA- a job he LOVES
*I am promoted again
*We spend 2 weeks in Paris- a wonderful trip
*Our sweet daughter, Emerson, is born
*3 weeks later we decide that I should become a stay-at-home mom
*Sell our home, buy a new home and move 10 days before Christmas
*I quite my much loved job in order to take on a much bigger role

Wow! In the midst of all this chaos, we learned to live together and support each other. We celebrated first holidays and made new traditions. We watched many friends get married and have babies. Our families went through changes and challenges too. What an amazing three years it has been. To say that it has been boring would be an understatement.



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! Isn't it amazing how fast time flies!

Amanda said...

Happy anniversary, sweet friend! Oh my word, you were such a beautiful bride.

Erin said...

Happy anniversary sister! I have a picture of all of us at your wedding in a pretty sparkly frame on my wall...this is the third home it's hung in and it will have a place in every home I ever live in :)

Amy said...

Congratulations Sabrina & Steve and Happy Anniversary! I loved reading about your (mostly ups) and downs. And I remember all but one of them which makes me feel good about or level of communication over the last three years! Love yall! Here's to three and many, many, many more! ac

Megan said...

You were a beautiful bride!! Happy Anniversary and wishing you and your family all the joy and happiness for many more years to come!!

Lauren said...

What beautiful wedding pictures! Happy anniversary!