Monday, October 26, 2009

Emerson is 2 and I haven't blogged about it yet...

Can you believe I have not posted anything about Emerson's birthday yet? Shame on me! Things are crazy around here. We are recovering from a fun-filled weekend and it has been a slow recovery so far. I am so behind on everything.

I will write a big birthday party post with lots of pictures when they arrive--no pressure, Amber:) In the meantime I will just tell you that the party was perfect and Emerson had a blast.

Her actual birthday was yesterday and we spent the morning cleaning up the hay from the party and then went to Boo at the Zoo last night. Boo at the Zoo is this really cool event that the Fort Worth Zoo hosts. There is tons of candy, shows, games, pumpkins, animals, rides---oh so much to do. It was a really fun day.

Emy really loved playing in the hay piles

This is actually the last picture of the night at Boo at the Zoo- obviously Cinderella did not last all night long.
Emerson and Ashley just love each other. They are such sweet little friends.

Emerson shooting her first basket

Uh, it is alarming to me how much we look alike in this picture. Anyone else see the resemblence?

Catching a fish

Picking up colored ducks for a prize

Getting candy from a treat station

Pretty princess

Attempting to pose for a picture

Family picture before the festivities began

Just for record keeping sake, here are some things about Emerson at 2:

-Her current favorite snack is carrot sticks and celery

-She loves music and will dance to a tune no matter where we are

-Her hair is getting really long. When it is dry and curly it is a little past her shoulders, but when it is wet it goes past her shoulder blades

-She is really into wanting to do everything herself. Luckily, right now she is willing to settle for helping with a task instead of always having to do it herself.

-She loves to help clean and do laundry

-Current new(er) words are two, dirt, cupcake, read, noah, white

-She loves school and all her classmates- we talk about them all day, every day

-She likes to wear hats

-She does not feel complete without a bow- the past few days, she will literally cry until I put one in her hair

-She is super loving with her friends. She loves to hold hands with them and give hugs and kisses

-She is still a super all-star sleeper

-She is getting more and more rambunctious

-Emerson loves loves loves to be tickled by daddy- definitely her favorite thing of all time



Amanda said...

The birthday girl was such a beautiful little Cinderella! Happy birthday, Emy!

Erin said...

she is not complete without a bow...that just made my morning! Hug that sweet girl for me!

Kylie said...

She is SO beautiful! Glad she had a happy birthday!