Monday, September 20, 2010

Day at the Park

A couple days ago, we decided to take a family outing to the Botanic Gardens with some friends. We desperately needed some fresh air and thought a brunch picnic in the shade would be nice before it got too hot. Emerson loved being able to run around with her best friend and Jennifer and I sat with the babies. Thank goodness Steve was there to keep tabs on the girls.

Armed with her camera. All clean and ready for the playing to begin.

Jaylee arrived and she was not quite sure what was going onAshton enjoyed being held the entire time
Best buds (notice how they start playing and their nicely fixed hair immediately becomes completely disheveled!)
Let the game of chase begin
You think that is Emerson's *real* smile?
Chasing each other down the boardwalk

So cute!
Emerson practicing her wheelbarrow walk with daddy
Jaylee taking a break
Look at those red cheeks!

We really did have a good time but I am seriously looking forward to fall when we can stay longer and play more without worrying about heat stroke at 10am.