Wednesday, March 30, 2011

He loves to play

Ash is really getting big and loves playing with his toys. Look at this happy face (and the chin full of drool).

This particular book seems to be a favorite right now- both for looking at and chewing on. It was also Emerson's favorite. Needless to say, it is about to fall apart.

This blue basket is filled with Ash toys. Emerson likes to make sure that they are all dumped out and surrounding him at all times. If we change rooms, she drags all the toys with us. If we go outside, the basket comes too. She is such a good big sister...just trying to keep Ash happy.Look at his precious hair. It is coming in so good. I just love it!
Baby push-ups are the cutest. Again, notice the precious hair:)
(Please pardon the onesie that is clearly too short for him)

Doesn't get much cuter, does it?