Sunday, May 22, 2011

Emerson Before and After

For several months Emerson has been telling me that she wanted "short hair like mommy's" for summer. So, we have been planning to get a big haircut after her dance recital was over. In my mind, I have been super excited about the change but a little worried with how Emerson would react to not having her long blonde locks anymore. Afterall, she did constantly twirl and play with her hair in addition to looking in the mirror and saying that she loved her long hair like rapunzels.

Anyways, we went to the hair place on Thursday and when the girl was finished cutting her hair, Emy looked in the mirror and said, "I LOVE my short hair, mommy!". I was so thankful that it was a success and not traumatizing. Every day since her hair cut, she has told us several times that she loves her short hair. She also tells all her friends that they need to get haircuts like hers. It is pretty cute.


And her "official" dance picture from this year:)



Amanda said...

She looks so pretty, Sab!

bethany said...

I love short hair too! It looks so cute!

Unknown said...

Very sweet!

K said...

Absolutely Adorable!