Sunday, September 27, 2009

23 months

In less than one month Emerson will be two! I cannot even fathom where this year has gone. I swear to you that this year went by twice as fast as her first year. For record keeping sake, here are a few things that Emerson is up to these days.

Emy still loves her babies and all things baby related- Her latest fave is giving them a bath and putting them to bed.

Emy still sleeps from 8-7 and takes a 3 hour nap. Praise the Lord!

Emy is in 18 month clothing and weighs 24 lbs.

Emy is "talking" more and more although none of her words are really words. Her "words" consist more of a jumbled attempt to get the right consonant sound out. She is currently trying colors and the alphabet. She has blue "boo" and pink "peen" down pretty good. Other new "words" include: Belle and Beast ("bewl" and "bee"), Door, Pot Pie and Peas (which she answers in response to "what would you like to eat" regardless of time of day), Girl "gur", Bath "baa", and there are more I am sure I am forgetting. There are also plenty of Emy words that she has created. I understand them, but I am the only one. For example, Doodoodoo= Book, BaBa= Paci or potty (depends on where we are).

She is becoming more and more brave. I really attribute this to school.

Emy is a real doddler- she takes FOREVER to do a lot of things. I truly don't think it is intentional I just think she is built that way. Oh man, that is going to be tough for me to get used to since I am such a go-go-go person.

Her interest in the potty has really dwindled although she still goes on it before bath time and then occassionally during the day.

She has learned to do "two" with her fingers. She loves to walk around and hold up two fingers as in, "I will be 2 on my birthday!". When she does it you can see how proud she is to be able to manipulate her fingers that way.

She is really into songs, especially sing along songs, right now. Her favorites include: The Wheels on the Bus, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, I'm a Little Tea Pot, The ABC's (which to her is ABABABAB in a sing songy voice) and some others from her music classes. It is so precious to see her dancing and doing the moves to the songs.

Emerson loves to pray. She knows that we pray before meals and before bed. She also prays with her class before lunch at school. It is absolutely adorable to watch her. If you peek at her during prayer you will see her eyes closed and her mouthing words. When the prayer is finished she always adds someone to the list that was not mentioned: baby or mimi or dada, etc. Emy's teacher told me on Friday that she is always the first one at the table and ready to pray before lunch. That makes my heart happy.

She is really into taking pictures right now. If you tell her to smile she will stop what she is doing and give you a big smile. I am really trying to take advantage of this while I can because I am certain it will not last.

When she wakes up in the morning, the first things she HAS to do is read a book. I have had mornings where we are really rushed and have tried to skip the book and it has turned into complete meltdowns.


Monday, September 21, 2009

TCU Football

Saturday was the first TCU home game this season. Emerson went to a couple games last year, but lets be honest- she didn't know or care about what was going on. This time was very different. She LOVED it!

Emerson loved the fireworks, the band, the cheering, the junk food, the whole thing. She was so fun to watch. We were really fortunate that the weather was super mild compared to home openers of the past. The temperature definitely added to the enjoyment for us all.

Here are some pictures.

Pre-game photos

Daddy explaining what happens at a football game
Cheering on the frogs

Dancing with best bud, Hayden, to the band music

Family photo


Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Day of School

So, yesterday was the day. I got Emerson dressed for school and gave her the lunchbox and she was SO proud of herself for getting to carry her lunchbox. It was hillarious. We went out in front of the house to take pictures before leaving for school. She was so smily and happy with her big girl lunch box. It was precious.

We got to school and she walked in all by herself- still carrying her much-to-heavy lunchbox. It was so funny. She kept having to re-position it- switch hands, move from wrist to shoulder, etc because it was so heavy. I kept asking her, do you want mommy to carry that? Her response everytime was "No, Me". Ok.

She was walking in the halls waving at other kids and just so happy. The whole time I am thinking, "Who is this kid in my daughters body?". We walked to her classroom. She slows down and quiets. She remembers the room. We walk to her cubby to put her lunchbox away. She quiets and clings to me for a second. Then she quickly pics up her lunch and heads for the door.

The teacher comes over to me a sweetly tells me to say goodbye before things get worse. She promises that she will be right behind me to pick Emy up when I leave. So I give her a kiss and a hug and happily tell her that I will be back to pick her up after lunch. I quickly turn and leave. And the screaming comences...Ahhhh, THERE is my daughter that I know and love.

I make it all the way to the car before I start bawling. I cry all the way to the gym and proceed to check my phone every 5 seconds to make sure that I have not missed a call while wiping sweat from my face. Workout is good, shower is good, getting things done around the house also good.

I go back to pick Emerson up and get there a few minutes early so I can watch through the one-way glass. She is totally fine! The kids are finishing up their lunches and she looks completely comfortable.

The teacher said she was wonderful! She said that after she calmed down (which only took a few minutes) that she was fine and never started up again. She said that she played with the other kids, played helper with the teacher, held on to the rope when they went to play outside at the park, ate all her lunch-- all great things.

Ya'll the moment of truth came when it was time to say goodbye. Emerson walked up to her teacher and initiated giving her a hug and kiss. It was so precious I almost cried right there. Emerson truly loves her teacher!

I am sure that drop offs will be rough for a while, but it is great to know that she likes it there and is comfortable. Praise the Lord!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Noodles & Milk

Giveaways, contests and sales Oh My!

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