Thursday, October 29, 2009

2-year check up statistics

Emerson had her 2-year check up this morning. She was so good! She sat patiently through the exam, didn't fuss getting the flu mist or her finger pricked. She even gave her urine sample by sitting on the potty at their office! I could not believe it. I was (and still am) so proud of her for this! The only time she cried was the very end when she got one shot. It was wonderful.

For record keeping sake here are her current measurements:

-25 lbs- 30%
-35.5" height- 89%
-Also, she is still comfortably in 18-month cloths. She is technically big enough for 24mo according to her stats but she has such a long torso and little legs (like mommy) that the 24mo pants are ENORMOUS on her.

During the exam when the doctor was running through all the developmental questions, there were several things she has surpassed early and then others that she is way behind on. The big one that she is behind on is still language. Can she say more than 50 words? "Nope- not even close". Does she primarily speak in at least 2-word sentences? "Nope, never". As usual, our pediatrician is not concerned. He thinks she is fine because she understands everything. Like walking, she is just taking her sweet time.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Emerson is 2 and I haven't blogged about it yet...

Can you believe I have not posted anything about Emerson's birthday yet? Shame on me! Things are crazy around here. We are recovering from a fun-filled weekend and it has been a slow recovery so far. I am so behind on everything.

I will write a big birthday party post with lots of pictures when they arrive--no pressure, Amber:) In the meantime I will just tell you that the party was perfect and Emerson had a blast.

Her actual birthday was yesterday and we spent the morning cleaning up the hay from the party and then went to Boo at the Zoo last night. Boo at the Zoo is this really cool event that the Fort Worth Zoo hosts. There is tons of candy, shows, games, pumpkins, animals, rides---oh so much to do. It was a really fun day.

Emy really loved playing in the hay piles

This is actually the last picture of the night at Boo at the Zoo- obviously Cinderella did not last all night long.
Emerson and Ashley just love each other. They are such sweet little friends.

Emerson shooting her first basket

Uh, it is alarming to me how much we look alike in this picture. Anyone else see the resemblence?

Catching a fish

Picking up colored ducks for a prize

Getting candy from a treat station

Pretty princess

Attempting to pose for a picture

Family picture before the festivities began

Just for record keeping sake, here are some things about Emerson at 2:

-Her current favorite snack is carrot sticks and celery

-She loves music and will dance to a tune no matter where we are

-Her hair is getting really long. When it is dry and curly it is a little past her shoulders, but when it is wet it goes past her shoulder blades

-She is really into wanting to do everything herself. Luckily, right now she is willing to settle for helping with a task instead of always having to do it herself.

-She loves to help clean and do laundry

-Current new(er) words are two, dirt, cupcake, read, noah, white

-She loves school and all her classmates- we talk about them all day, every day

-She likes to wear hats

-She does not feel complete without a bow- the past few days, she will literally cry until I put one in her hair

-She is super loving with her friends. She loves to hold hands with them and give hugs and kisses

-She is still a super all-star sleeper

-She is getting more and more rambunctious

-Emerson loves loves loves to be tickled by daddy- definitely her favorite thing of all time


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Houston, we have problem...

We are supposed to have Emerson's birthday party back here in 56 hours. Think this will be a problem? Suggestions? Anyone have a direct line to God so they can call in a miracle?

PS- No, we do not normally have our grill and propane tank in the middle of the yard. They had been temporarily moved for another clean-up project.


Monday, October 19, 2009


Emerson and I made cookies together on Friday. This is one of those "mommy" things that I was so excited about doing one day. Emy is fully in the helper phase so I thought this would be a great time to try it out. It was a HUGE success. Several times during the process Emerson threw her hands in the air and squeeled "Cookies" and would clap enthusiastically. It was absolutely precious.

She loved picking out the shapes and pushing them into the dough. She hated waiting for the cookies to bake and cool-we had several tantrums during this 15 minute span. But once they were cool and ready to decorate, she was all business. It was so cute how serious she was about decorating. I had several little bowls out filled with different color sprinkles. All the cookies had to have several colors on them and most ended up with a handful of the multicolor stars on them too. Why do all kids gravitate toward the multicolor sprinkles?

Here are some pics of the decorating phase. I wish I could have had some of the cutting out shapes phase, but I was too messy to work the camera. Oh well.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Sun Finally Came Out Today!

The sun finally came out today after weeks (literally) of rain. This evening when daddy came home we went out in the wild (front yard) to pick flowers. It has rained so much recently that the lawn is fully green and has not been mowed in weeks. It looks really nice.

Started a new game of roll the acorns down the driveway. Emy loved it.

Could be the last time that these sandals are worn. They have been worn almost everyday since the beginning of summer. We definitely got our money's worth with them- Thanks Granmom.

Don't know what happened to my signature....

Monday, October 12, 2009

I have nothing to share

Sorry for the lack of posting. As we are moving closer to Emerson's birthday and Halloween, we are getting super busy around here. Anyways, here are some cute pics to tide you all over until I have time to post again.

Just some fall cuteness...

Reason 101 that I love Emerson's teacher- She send pics from school! These are with Emy's buddys- twins Claire and Catherine