Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sweet Ashton

What happens when your baby's birthday falls right at the beginning of your busiest time of year? His 2-year pictures get put off for 3 months. Sorry buddy.

I knew I didn't want to do anything super formal for Ashton's 2-year pictures. It was more important for me to capture the essence of who he is now. And he is all boy.

So, while Emerson was at art class this afternoon, Ashton and I set out to explore an empty field that I have been wanting to check out. It was the perfect setting for boy pictures. He could run and play. Find sticks and rocks. Get dirty and be rowdy. We had fun. He had my full attention, which is rare, and he soaked it up. And I soaked him up.

The amount of love I have for this little man is absolutely overwhelming. Literally. Sometimes I am gasping for breath at the thought of his preciousness.

Anyways, there were way too many from this afternoon that I loved, so I threw most into collages in hopes of telling a story. This is Ashton at 2 (and 3 months).