Thursday, July 29, 2010

Picture Day

This morning I (almost jokingly) suggested to Emy that we get dressed up and go run around outside and take pictures. I really suggested this just for fun, I doubted she would want to do it. I was wrong. She got excited and actually suggested that we bring 2 pretty dresses. Okay.

We went to the museum district because there are some beautiful backdrops plus it is friendly enough for kids to run around. Emerson had a blast! We went at 9am before it was super hot and only stayed out for about 40 minutes, but in that short time I took 142 pictures! Emerson was being just so precious and having such a ball, I could not help myself.

Here is a (small) sampling of the pictures from this morning.

Practicing her balance beam walk

No more photos, mom.

Okay, a couple more:)
After our picture session was over, we treated ourselves to sprinkle donuts and oj. It was a really sweet mommy-daughter morning. The couple hours we spent together on our "adventure" I really appreciated our sweet relationship and had a little ache at how things will soon change. I am so excited about meeting Ashton and welcoming him into our family, but a little sad that it won't just be Emy and mommy during the day anymore.


Monday, July 26, 2010

How to play dress-up when you are two

First, dump out your entire dress-up stash for your friend to see.
Then, teach your friend how to shake pom-poms.

Try on outfit number one and look bored while mommy takes your picture.

Next, trade outfits because of course you like the one your friend has better.
Next, go through the accessories. Dump them all out and put them all on at the same time.
Try and find space to put even more accessories onto your tiny body.
Look at mommy with a blank stare when she says, "Look at me so I can take your picture".
In reality, the girls had a blast this afternoon playing dress up. Although, these two would have a blast together doing just about anything!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ashton's Nursery Reveal

The nursery is finally finished! I am so thrilled to have this project behind me. Everything is ready for our little guy to arrive in the next few weeks.

All of the furniture was Emerson's, so all we had to do was accessorize for a boy. I went with aqua and lime green as a spin on the traditional boy colors.

All the shelving and white frames are from Ikea- that place has some serious steals!

The view when you walk in the room (I can't wait to rock another baby in that chair)

The left side of the room

I love the bedding and the funky ABC art print hanging about it. The print is from etsy:)

A bed (for mommy) when the nights are long

We are so happy with how it turned out. Both Steve and I think it is the coziest room in our home. So, what do you think?


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's official!

Graduation was May 14th, but it just did not feel official...UNTIL this came in the mail yesterday! Not to brag, but I am so proud of myself for finishing my Master's degree while pregnant and dealing with a toddler. It was a tough year getting it wrapped up, but I finally finished!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's so hot outside

It is seriously hot in Texas right now. I have lived in Texas my entire life so I know it is July and it is supposed to be hot, but it is still shocking just how hot summers are here. It is also a nice feature that I am (almost) 32 weeks pregnant. I sweat while taking a cold shower. Seriously. You get me outside and it gets ugly fast.

Anyways, we got together with a couple other families and had a garage sale today. I was already sweating at like 7:15 am when the sun wasn't even fully out yet! It was a scorcher but a success. The 3 girls played in a blow up pool in the front yard as entertainment and luckily for us we had a grandma there to watch the girls during the chaotic moments.

Today was actually a 3-time swimming day for Emerson. She loved that she basically spent all her waking hours swimming. Emy got to swim twice during the 5-hour garage sale and then again after dinner tonight. Sadly, I did not get any pictures of the girls playing in the yard (we were too busy for that!) but I did get some of her enjoying the pool after dinner tonight.

Hope you are staying cool!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby Shower

We have been super busy around here lately. We cleaned out the nursery and have gotten it basically set-up. Emerson's room is finally a big girl room and we are cleaning out all the other nooks and cranies (sp?) of our home for a garage sale this weekend.

On Saturday, some dear friends of mine threw a baby shower for Ashton. It was so fun to celebrate his impending arrival and to have everything sprinkled with blue for a change. For record keeping sake, here are some pictures from the shower (no comments on my size, please).

Sweet hostesses: Kathryn, Meghann and Jennifer (we are all pregnant!)

My grandmother and mother-in-law

Check out this precious sleep sack with Ashton's name on it. It is from etsy...leave me a comment if you want to know the shop name.

This is the blanket that goes with the crib bedding. I love the colors- aqua, lime and brown. A good twist on traditional.

The gorgeous diaper bag. It is a backpack so I can have my hands free:)

Food table with the yummy spread and precious diaper cake. Meghann made cake balls for dessert and they were to-die-for!

And just because I can't leave you without posting a picture of the little miss. She was just hanging out on our bed with Toby.


Thursday, July 1, 2010


The big happenings lately have been potty training and playdates. We have been on so many playdates this year! It is really hilarious. I think that last summer I must have felt bored or something and thus I over-compensated this summer. Take this week for example, we only had 1 day without something planned.

It has actually worked out great since I am so pregnant. Not having to come up with activities to entertain Emy all day has been a true blessing. Emerson has also really enjoyed seeing so much of her friends and getting to go on so many adventures.

Unfortunately, I have been terrible at documenting all these fun playdates. I have not a single picture from any of them. Isn't that horrible?

To make up for it, I will leave you with some pics of Emy modeling for me this morning. This is my newest pattern and I needed her to model for the cover. Anyways, she really likes her new outfit and kept walking around all prissy saying "I so pretty, mommy". Cute.

This one is so posed. It reminds me of a school picture. Hilarious.

Look at this face!

In other news, Emerson and Steve are going out of town this weekend for the Fourth. I am sad to miss out on this years festivites, but I have too much to do. Main goal for the weekend is to get the nursery finished and everything organized for Ashton. Hopefully I can get some pics up when everything is finished.