Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ashton's 1 year Photoshoot

When you are a photographer, you have really high hopes for pictures of your own kids. Let me just tell you how hard it really is. Super hard.

Well, I had big plans for a birthday shoot for Ashton. I wanted it to be ridiculously cute. A cupcake, banner, amazing backdrop, etc etc. I kept putting it off for one reason or another. I finally did it this past Friday morning.

No cupcake. Too lazy to pick one up at 8am. No amazing backdrop. Again, too lazy at 8am. Other than that, I was still really hopeful. I had cute props, a cute baby and decent weather.
I got one decent shot and then it happened.
The neighbor's kitten came over to play and Ashton was obsessed. And distracted. And obsessed. And what made it worse was that the kitten was obsessed with him too. Totally kept playing and getting close and loving all over Ash. He is such an animal lover that he could not get enough.

It was actually pretty cute. Except I had a vision. And this was not it.

I finally gave up on the "theme" stuff and we did an outfit change and a scenery change. That helped a little.
Except now in the front yard we have the kitten (who was following us) and now the excitement of cars and trucks passing by.

At least I got one of Ashton's famous "OOoo" face:)


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Emerson's First Dance class 2011

One of the big discussions this summer was whether Emerson wanted to take dance class again this year. I did not want to be one of those parents who just assumed that she liked it and signed her up for something that she was not interested. With that in mind, I asked her several times, "Emerson, did you like taking dance class last year? Do you want to take it again this year?"

The strange thing was that every time I asked her, I got a different answer. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Sometimes she was not sure. It was really strange. She seemed to love dance last year. She certainly loved the recital and she has talked about it positively since what was the problem?

Finally, I explained myself..."Emerson, I need to know whether or not you want to take dance class. Whatever you decide it fine with me but I need to know whether or not to sign you up. You need to make a decision."

She responds with "I don't want to take dance". Hmmm...I pushed a little farther, "Emerson, I thought you like dance last year. I thought you liked your recital. How come you changed your mind? Why don't you want to take dance again?"

"Mommy, I don't like wearing pins in my hair."


So, with promises of no bobby pins this year, Emerson is thrilled to be back in dance class at the same studio and with the same instructor.

Think she was excited?"Okay mom, I gotta go..."
And the special sticker that she got at the end of class....


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ashton's birthday in the park

Ashton's actual birthday was on Labor Day. Since everyone had the day off we met at the park with friends to have lunch, cookie cake and play.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dear Ashton

(A little belated....)

Dear Ashton,

I cannot believe that you are a year old. You have absolutely been such a blessing to our family. When I found out we were having another baby I was so unsure how I would love another child but it has been simply been amazing to see myself fall madly in love with you. Maybe it is the mother-son bond, maybe it is your adorable hair or the way you giggle but whatever it is, I cannot get enough of you.

This year went by so incredibly fast. I tried my best to cherish the everyday moments with you. I snuggled you a lot and got down on the floor to play with you a lot and just enjoyed watching your personality grow. And what a sweet personality you have. Ashton, you have such a kind heart. You love to snuggle, give kisses and share your things. And it is precious to watch you do all of those things.

While you have a precious personality you also have a very fun side. You love to be tickled, play chase and copy cat games. And oh my goodness, you are such a boy. You love to play in dirt, eat bugs and you already have an obsession with the toilet. Seriously, every moment that I turn away from you the first place you go is to the bathroom!

Ashton, I love you so much and have loved every moment of this year. Happy Birthday sweet boy.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Under Quarantine

Well, here we are on the eve of Ashton's first birthday and we are on day 6 of his quarantine. No lie. You see Ashton woke up with a fever and cold like symptoms on Tuesday morning. And Wednesday morning. And Thursday morning. At that point we went to see the pediatrician.

As the doctor was looking him over, nothing exciting happened...until he looked in Ashton's throat. A long and drawn out, "OOOOhhhh" was his remark. That is not a remark that you want to hear from your doctor. The pediatrician informed me that Ashton had several rather large sores in his throat and that he had the hand-foot-mouth virus. Fabulous.

He then continued to tell me all about it and specifically how long it would/could last. I was warned that Ashton could have a fever for 10 days! That he would be contagious up to 3 days AFTER the fever was gone! And that he would likely get sores on the outside of his mouth and on his hands and feet. Other than the sores in his throat and the discomfort of a long-term fever, Ash would be fine.

Perfect timing for the first week of school and the day before we are supposed to visit family in Houston. So, in an instant our entire weekend was flipped upside down.

This is Ashton on Friday morning. He woke up with his right eye swollen and red and a sore on his lip and a few on his chin. This picture does not do the pitiful-ness justice, poor guy looked like he had been beat up.
Despite this crazy virus, Ashton has been in rather good spirits all things considered. He was finally fever free today so I am hopeful that he will be at school for his first day on Wednesday. Fingers crossed.

And praise the Lord, everyone else in the family is healthy and in the clear.