Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ashton's new face


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ashton is 10 months!

Well, technically I am 8 days late. At least I still took the picture. I will tell you what it has been a miracle that I have gotten all these photos taken. It really isn't as easy as it seems. And I take pictures for a living. Anyways....

Ash is 10 months and I am beside myself. I ordered his birthday invitations today. We are having his party a week early so that means it is NEXT MONTH! My heart is breaking into a million little pieces. My baby. Sigh.

Ashton is just so much fun. And a complete mess all at once. He is all over the place. And I truly mean all. over. the. place. And he isn't walking yet. I have a feeling that will come very soon.

He loves to eat table food. Loves to play with Emerson. Loves to dance. Loves his bath. And LOVES when daddy comes home.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Beach Trip 2011

We went to the beach again this summer. This fun trip with friends and family is officially an annual tradition. And we totally plan to keep it up year to year. Just like last year we traveled with two other families, their kids and each family had a set of grandparents. It makes for a big group and lots and lots of fun! We stayed at a new place this year that was on the beach but also had swimming pools. It was a nice change of scenery for the kids (and adults).

I took way too many pictures to edit or post so I will just post a few (in random order)...

Ashton floating in the ocean (don't worry- Steve was right next to him!).
Looking for sea shells
Ashton's hair reacted to the humidity just like mine does:)
Playing in the pool early in the morning.
Trying to get a beach picture of my kiddos together.
Swimming with grandmom

I know this picture is random, but it is just to show you that all the people and kids in this shot are with our group....And at least 8 people were not in the picture!
Emerson and Jaylee being silly.

Ashton liked the sand

All the big kids worked on a sandcastle
Each night of the trip, a different family cooked dinner for the entire group. This is the kids table one night. (I have no idea why Emerson is raising her hand).
Looking for more sea shells.
Emerson floating with daddy on the lazy river
Emerson and Jaylee up to something

Our family picture (please pardon my crazy beach hair!)This is Ashton's first reaction to the ocean...not happy at all.
This was Ashton just before getting in the ocean for the first time... All smiles.
I love this picture. This was the bridge from our condo to the beach. We walked it several times a day. Check out Emy's derby-worthy hat and frilly bathing suit. She thought she was pretty hot stuff that morning.

That is a very, VERY brief overview of the trip. I am hoping to post more later. Especially since several people are not even pictured...Hayden, Grandad, most of the adults, Parker, etc...

Anyways, you get the point. It was lots of fun and very busy. We are glad to be home and get back into some sort of a routine.