Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekly picture recap

First flight part A
Part B
Dancing at the table
Great Grandma Kay and Great Grandpa George- The reasons for our trip to OregonThe beautiful view at Shore Acres
The whole gang at Shore AcresPlaying in the grass outside the hotel
Steve's parents, Emy and myself outside the hotelThe flight home- Emy had just woken up from a nap
So sleepyHappy to be home
Have a great weekend.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Open for business?

Many of you have already "placed orders" with me for baby gifts. For those of you who have not, I guess this is my official "Open for business" posting. My pricing for friends is pretty dang good, however I am hesitant to post it online. So, if you are in the market for a cute handemade baby gift, shoot me an email ( or leave a comment and I would love to make it for you. As a reminder, here are some of the things that I can do for you.

I have TONS of fabric and love any excuse to buy new fabric, so if you want anything let me know what kind of colors you are looking to use and I will see if I have anything to accomodate it. If not, I will go out and find what you are looking for. I am also always trying new things, so if you want to discuss something unique just let me know. For the designs on tshirts, onesies and bibs, I can do pretty much anything: letters, numbers, shapes, animals, long as it has basic lines and is not too ornate.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome Baby Calem

Welcome to the world sweet boy. Baby Calem was born August 26th at 6:48pm weighing 9 lbs and is 22 in long. Congratulations Laura and Jonathan.


First Flight

Emerson had her first airplane flight over the weekend. We flew to Oregon to surprise Steve's grandparents. They have never met Emerson and have only seen me once at our wedding 3 years ago. We flew in with Steve's parents and his younger brother Scott. His grandparents knew that Steve's parents were coming, but had no idea about us or Scott. Needless to say they were really surprised. It was wonderful.

I have been so nervous about this weekend because of the long flight and also dealing with Emy's schedule and the two-hour time difference. Let me just tell you that Emerson was a ROCKSTAR. She slept the majority of the flights there and home and stayed relatively on schedule. Of course, she stayed on "Texas" time so she was waking up at 5:30am in Oregon, but that is okay with me because she fell right back into schedule when we got home.

She only had one real breakdown while we were there and that was during the last 15 minutes of a 5-hour car drive from Portland to Coos Bay. She really wanted to get out of that car. We all really wanted to get out of that car. Can you imagine 5 adults, a baby and a TON of luggage crammed into a minivan for 5 hours? It was the ultimate road-trip experience.

The weekend was a great time with family and I am so thankful that Emerson was there. Everyone really enjoyed her. Of course, she won't remember it, but we have some great pictures of her with family. I will post the pictures in the weekly recap.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Week in pictures

We had a fun week. Emerson is now crawling, clapping and waving all the time. She is really verbalizing well and is becoming really adventurous. We did not really do much this week due to the rain, but it was still fun. Here are some pictures from our week.

All smiles while petting the kitty. (We had just come in from the rain, that explains the weird matted-down hair)
She gets angry when she is ready to get down because she has not figured that out yet.

Oooooo, Emerson loves bottles.
Mesmirized by the olympics on tv
Standing like a big girl

FINALLY figuring out how to hold the bottle herself. She has been in control of the sippy cup for a while now, but not so much with the bottle. I seriously that I was going to have to hold it for her forever.
Re-discovering her giraffe.
Petting the doggy.
Ooooo, Emerson loves her new baby. I have never seen her play with one toy for so long before. If she sees it across the room she stares at it until we get it for her.
Sewing creations this week:
A set someone ordered for some twins!
A cute camo set that someone ordered

A t-shirt reconstruction. I found this new tshirt on clearance for $4. I liked the shirt, just not the design.

So, I covered it up with something SOOOO much cuter:)

Have a super weekend.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

It is official, I guess

So, I think I can officially announce that Emerson is crawling. The reason for my hesitation is that it is slower than I expected. I guess when I envisioned Emy starting to crawl, she would go from nothing to light speed instantly. I have no idea where I got this notion.

Anyways, in the past three days she has spent most of her time on all fours and has only ended up on her tummy a couple times. Normally she crawls across the room on all fours and then plops down on her tummy at the very end of her destination, as if to say, "Okay, I'm here". When she is crawling, she is concentrating so hard. It is like she knows that the all-fours route is the correct way and she is trying so hard to stick with it. Everyday she gets a little better. Yesterday she figured out how to back up.

So, I guess I should be thankful that she is slow and steady for the time being. I am sure that in a few short days or weeks lightning speed will commence.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mind boggling

It is absolutely blowing my mind that my husband and I have started to discuss Emerson's first birthday party! What?!?! How the heck did that happen? Wasn't she just born?

If this is the way time passes as a parent, she will be starting kindergarten tomorrow and graduating high school in about a week. Awesome.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Pictures Pictures Pictures

It is time for everyone's favorite time of the week (or at least I assume that because it is my favorite time). Here is our week in pictures.

Emerson loves to play with all of her toys at once. This way she can pull them out of the basket one by one.Smile for the camera

Oooo, she has Toby's ball. She is IN LOVE with Toby's ball. I swear it is the toy that is going to propel her into actual crawling.

Playing with mommy

She loves to squeeze mandarin oranges in her hands and watch the juice drip out.Of course, next comes rubbing around in all the juice.See, I can clap!
Emerson loves our cat, Bailey.
So excited.

Sewing creations this week:
A couple of taggie blankets for friends.

A pile of burp cloth orders from ebay:)

Some onesie orders

Made this sweet set for a friend who just had a girl.

Sorry this is is for a friend who is obviously having a boy.

I am also working on some new stuff in addition to a couple of gifts (I can't show you those because they have not been recieved yet and I know these girls check the blog from time-to-time)

Have a great weekend!