Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Playing Outside

My poor neglected blog. So sad how behind I am on posts.

Anyways, here are some recent pictures of the kids playing outside. The weather is warm (hot) and so we get to play outside at least once a day. I am so thankful for our shady backyard that is still cool in the late afternoon.

The kids are still really enjoying the sandbox. This is one thing that they play really well together with. The fact that they play in there without arguing makes the sandy mess they track into the house worthwhile.

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We have gotten out the play pool again. Both kids are so much bigger this year that they really don't fit in it together anymore but they still have fun. random may edit-5833 
This is Emerson giving Ashton a firm talking to about something. I wish her hair wasn't in her face so you could see her expressions. She is negotiating with him about something. And notice how he is staring off in the distance...typical boy has already learned to "listen without hearing". random may edit-5836 
This is Emy before her first swim lesson this summer. Wish I could say she was that happy at the end! That is another post all on its own.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Emerson's Dance Recital

First of all, I know that I am MONTHS behind on blogging. I have a big list of posts and pictures, but recital day trumps all that so things are just going to have to be out of order.

Anyhow, Emerson's dance recital was a success this year. She had been to this rodeo before and things were totally smooth sailing like she was an old pro.

We did a mommy-daughter trip to the nail salon for pedicures this afternoon as a special treat (for both of us) before her 2pm recital.

Her little class this year only had 4 girls in it and one was on vacation so there were only 3 of them on stage. It was really cute. The good thing about her class being so small is that the girls really got to be friends. It was so cute to watch them play together and be silly in class.

On to the recital, her tap song was pretty fast this year and the steps were a lot more advanced than last year. It was a noisy mess but the girls enjoyed it and they all finished with a smile. Recital-edit-4693-low Recital-edit-4695-low Recital-edit-4732-low
The ballet routine, on the other hand, was absolutely precious. It was to a great song that was about worshiping God and Emerson really loved it. Most of the times I watched her routine before today she would mouth the words to the song as she was dancing.

So sweet.

There were 2 or 3 times in the dance that the girls were to open their arms to heaven and look up in worship of God. It was absolutely beautiful and totally brought tears to my eyes because of the innocence.

 I just had to post this again in black and white because I think it really shows off the innocence even more.

Of course, Emerson got flowers after the recital. She LOVES getting flowers.

PhotobucketA big thanks to Jen for babysitting Ashton today. It was so nice to to have to entertain him for 2 hours in a dark auditorium when it should have been naptime:)