Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First day of School 2013

I feel like the last school year just ended. Nope. That was an entire summer ago. Before summer school, swim lessons, China and surgery. And lots of other things. Yes those things will all be updated on the blog. In time.

Anyways, Emerson started kindergarten last week and Ashton started his preschool class today. So, the school year is officially underway. Kindergarten is amazing. Emy loves it. She is excited to go in the morning and happy when she comes home. At least for the first hour or so. And then we are in the meltdown/exhaustion phase. We are definitely still in a transitional phase getting used to the early mornings and long days. Bless her heart, some days she just cries for no reason. Okay, not some days, every day. Since school started. She is just so excited, exhausted and overwhelmed all at the same time. I know that, "this too shall pass."

Ashton started preschool today. This is his third year at UCC. We love that place. The extra sweet thing about this year is that he has Miss Joy. She is the same teacher Emerson had when I was very pregnant with Ash. So, Joy has known him since before he was born:) He is an old pro at school. He is comfortable with UCC and Miss Joy already. So when I dropped him off this morning amongst the first day jitters of others, he just gave me a hug and yelled, "Bye Mommy" in his most exaggerated tone. And when I picked him up this afternoon we weren't even out of the building before he said, "today was awesome, mommy".

So, now to the pictures...This is Emerson and Jaylee the night before they both started kindergarten. We celebrated these big girls with dinner out and a barbie cake, of course. And we sang, "Happy kindergarten to you" before eating cake. It was precious when the other tables around us clapped:) Unfortunately these two are at different schools. They always have been but this year is different. They don't have afternoons or a couple days a week off. So, we will have to work extra hard to get them together to play!

On Monday morning, we got out of the car to walk Emy into school. All morning there had been lots of excitement. Daddy came with us for the big day. We park the car a few blocks away to walk (it is a neighborhood school and everyone walks). First things first, Ashton trips on the sidewalk and busts his lip and nose. Bleeding. Screaming. Perfect. As if I wasn't emotional enough this morning, now I am totally frazzled too. Ugh, this (briefly) changed Emy's tone. Fear popped up for just a split second. And then she quickly moved back to excited. Thank goodness!

Ash still pouty with a busted lip.

Mrs. Barrett! Emy's classroom and desk. And hugs with daddy!

An Iphone dump from first day pictures. Emy next to her locker. The art she brought home from the first day. Ashton and I having donuts at the "Boohoo/Yahoo" party after drop off. Emy walking to the pickup line with her class. And the sweet flowers that daddy brought home from Emy to commemorate her big day. Such a sweet daddy.

And this week was Ashton's turn. We take Emy to school first so the first few pics are actually outside her school:) 

Outside the UCC doors. Same picture I have taken of the kids for the past 5 years. 

Playing in his class. Standing by his cubby and being silly outside school. And yes, we brought Miss Joy a Starbucks treat on the first day. It isn't homemade, but it is something:)