Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Park Love

One of the BEST things about our new house and neighborhood is the proximity to the greatest park in Fort Worth. Seriously, it is the greatest. Every mom in the city knows of this park and agrees that it is the best. And now we are 1/2 mile from it!

So, when everyone was awake early from nap time yesterday, we jumped in the car and went to the park. We had about 30 minutes to kill before daddy came home, the weather was perfect and we live so close!

And might I add that now that the weather has cooled off, the park has been hoppin' lately:) 2012-09-19_011 2012-09-19_010 2012-09-19_012 2012-09-19_013 Photobucket

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mommy-Ashy Weekend

This weekend Emy and Steve went to Kansas to visit friends and see the TCU/KU football game. They left Thursday morning which meant that Ashton and I had a long weekend together. (By the way, Ashton has been saying "Emy on airplane. Daddy on airplane" all weekend long. It has been super cute.)


Can I just tell you how easy it is to have only one child??? Oh my word, this weekend has been like a vacation. Anyways, I have not done a very good job of capturing Ash lately so I made a point to shoot all weekend. I feel like these images put together a perfect picture of sweet Ash at this age.

Thursday morning our new nanny came to stay with Ash while I took Emy and Steve to the airport and then went to Panera to get some work done. He did great and was exhausted when I got home. After his nap, he had his usual snack time consisting of gummy fruit snacks and goldfish. 2012-09-15_018 2012-09-15_019 2012-09-15_020 2012-09-15_022
 This image is perfect for right now. Total MOODY two year old. 2012-09-15_021

This morning we played when Ash woke up. This was a nice change of pace because normally we are rushing out the door for one reason or another. Not today! 2012-09-15_023 2012-09-15_024 2012-09-15_014

The weather was cooler than normal and overcast, so Ashton and I got out our jeans and went to the zoo. I knew I want to try to get normal "zoo" pictures but I also made an effort to get some two-year portrait-type shots. That was a huge failure. I cannot get portrait shots of my own children. I need to leave that job to other professionals. 2012-09-15_026 2012-09-15_025 2012-09-15_027 2012-09-15_028 2012-09-15_029 2012-09-15_013 2012-09-15_015 2012-09-15_012 2012-09-15_016

When we got home from the zoo it was almost naptime. Ashton cuddled up on the couch with his "ba" and all of his snuggle friends to watch Curious George. 2012-09-15_030 2012-09-15_031 2012-09-15_032 2012-09-15_017
Photobucket And tomorrow Emerson and Steve come home. Yay!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spring Soccer recap

Well, I am going to try to get this blog up to date one post at a time. Since fall soccer just started, I might as well post the SPRING soccer recap. Yes, I am an entire season behind on blogging. Oops.

Emerson soccer team is named the Doodlebugs and they have the coolest rainbow tie-dye jerseys. All the other little girl teams are jealous. (I have no proof of this but I would be!) Since Emerson loves rainbows, this works out well! She is number 14:)

To say that Emerson loves soccer would be an understatement. She LOVES it. The first couple practices and games, she was a little timid but she has grown to love it more with each passing game.

During the games, she really does give it her all. She actually runs the entire game, which I think is impressive for her age. When she practices and plays, a part of her I have never seen before comes out. She is aggressive and strong. We are so proud of her!

Doodlebug edit-2432
Doodlebug edit-2441
Doodlebugs edit-2365
Doodlebugs edit-2422
Doodlebugs edit-2732
Doodlebugs game 6-8162
last practice-9431
Doodlebugs last game-9826
Emerson with some of the other girls at the end of year soccer party. 2012-09-13_001
Sitting with her new friend, Reese (who she adores) at the party. 2012-09-13_002  
Getting her trophy! emy-edit-2401-low


Monday, September 10, 2012

Ashton is TWO!

I cannot believe that Ashton is already two. This year has absolutely flown by and my baby is not really a baby anymore. Tear. 2012-09-04_012

Ashton is such a big boy. He loves all boy things, cars, trucks, blocks, balls, running, playing outside and of course climbing.

He is such a chatty little guy too. Emerson was not saying a whole lot by two but Ashton talks and talks and talks. He is using 4-5 word sentences consistently and most strangers can understand him pretty well. The week leading up to his birthday his favorite thing to tell people was, "Ashy blow out candles. Sing happy birthday to me!" He was so excited that his birthday was coming up.

Ashton is a pretty decent eater when he wants to be. He is very opinionated and also very sweet. He loves to snuggle, stuffed animals, pillows, whatever. He gives great little bear hugs and is so precious when he runs to you. He is a great sleeper and when he wakes up in the morning he has to climb into bed with you and drink his milk. It is a habit that I hope never ends.

Ashton's birthday fell on a Wednesday this year (the first day of school) and so we did a family celebration that evening. Ashy has really shown signs of wanting his own bike recently so we got him a little one for his birthday since Emerson's trike is still way too big. He LOVES it. 2012-09-15_033 2012-09-15_034 2012-09-15_035 2012-09-05_001 2012-09-15_036

That night we had a little cupcake at home and Ashton was thrilled that he FINALLY got to blow out a candle and have us sing happy birthday to him.

So excited and waiting for cake! 2012-09-15_037 2012-09-15_038 2012-09-15_039

 As for a "real" birthday party, Ash did not get one this year. Bad mommy, I know. Please remember that we moved 3 weeks before and I just could not wrap my head around a theme and invites and planning activities for little ones and decorating and all the details. Instead we had an un-party party. Makes sense right?

We had family and 4 of our closest friends over. That is it. There did end up being a bunch of kids with just the 4 families, but it was fun. There was nothing planned, they just ran around and played like kids should. Then we ate and had cake and everyone left for the TCU home opener that night.

And all I got was two measly pictures. Poor kid. 2012-09-15_040 2012-09-15_041
PhotobucketNext year buddy, we will throw you a great party! I promise:)