Monday, November 24, 2008

Yes, we are still alive

So sorry for the lack of posts lately. We are all well and good. My little business has exploded and I can barely keep a good way. Anyways, I have been using every spare second to get orders finished before we leave town on Tuesday. Of course, I will still be coming home to a pile of orders to fill, but I have to take a break somewhere, right?

Anyways, Emerson and Steve went to San Antonio this weekend to visit the grandparents. I stayed work...all day and night. So, Steve and Emy flew Southwest to get there. It seemed easy enough. A quick 55 minute flight down and back. We had the flight time right so that it was in between nap times, meal times, etc.
As my friend Amy said, things don't always turn out the way you had planned. So, I dropped Steve and Emy off at the airport Friday night at 5:15pm to catch a 6:30pm flight. This would be perfect since they would arrive in SA at 7:30 and get home just in time for a slightly late bath and bedtime. Well, my phone rang at 6:20, not to tell me that they were boarding, but to tell me that the flight was delayed an hour. Uh oh....

When my phone rang at 7:20, it was not to tell me that they were boarding, but that the flight was delayed ANOTHER hour. Oh man, at this point I was really feeling for Steve. You could just hear it in his voice, he was not happy and his patience had run out. The only good thing is that Emerson had not had a breakdown...yet.

The finally got to his parents house and put Emerson to bed at 11:00 p.m.! That is just crazy. The craziest part is that apparently Emy did just great. Wow. I am sure that if I would have been there things would not have gone so smoothly. She gives me a lot of flack, but not daddy.

So, needless to say, Steve is a saint...For dealing with the airport drama and taking care of our angel all weekend so that I could get some work done.
So, here are some pics from the last couple weeks. Sorry for the delays.
Trying unsuccessfully to take a Christmas picture.

Big girl pushing her baby stroller

"Emy, Where is your ear?"

Look at me!

Snack time outside

Hi, Mom!



Anonymous said...

Precious! I am so glad you had a weekend to yourself!! I got Ford's bday onesie in the mail and it is FABULOUS!! I can't wait for him to wear it- and I will take a pic to send to you of him. Its perfect! Thanks so much girl!~ havea happy thanksgiving!!

Amanda said...

It's so awesome that your business has exploded so much! God is good, sweet friend! Also, I still can't get over the fact that you have a blonde baby girl. She is such a doll.

Kylie said...

you've got a beautiful girl! Mine always behave better for daddy, too :) SO glad that business is going well! Avery was so precious in her tutu from you- we got great pictures. I'll have to email you one. We're getting ready for her 1st birthday on Friday and she'll be wearing it again!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

That is great news about your business! Your clothes are so cute!

It just isn't fair that little ones act better for daddies than they do for their mommies. My son does the same thing and it drives me crazy! Glad to that they still had a good trip even with the delay.

Amy said...

Awww! You quoted me! I'm amazed she handled that, that's awesome! Steve got very lucky, ha ha! And it's very nice that with all that work you still make time for your friends :-) Love you, girl.

Dana said...

Great job in the airport, Emerson! How nice for mommy to get some time for herself and hear a good report too.