Monday, January 26, 2009

An overdue update

So sorry that I have been m.i.a. lately. Lots of stuff has been going on. This will be a quick and really random update on everything that I can think of for those who care.

Milk- We are in full swing in the sippy cup. No worries, I think she was just testing me a couple of times to make sure that we were really going to stick with it.

Health- Over the MLK holiday Steve got sick and a couple of days later passed it to Emerson. She got it really bad. We are talking 104.3 fever, coughing, lethargic, sleeping 6+ hours during the day, etc. It was so sad and really scary at times. Of course we went to the doctor and found out it was not bacterial so there was nothing that they could do. Love it when that happens. Luckily on day 4 her fever finally went away and things started to turn around. She is almost 100% with just a little cough that is lagging behind.

15 month stats- We had her 15 month check up today. She is FINALLY over 20 pounds! She is 20 lbs 6 oz (14%) and 31 inches tall (60%). Of course we talked about her not walking yet. The pedi did not seem at all concerned. He said she looked perfect developmentally and that she was just taking her time. Ok, we will see if she is walking by her 18 month well check.

Other happenings- Now that the spring semester is in full swing we are back into a somewhat more active schedule. We are taking a music class at our church that is much cheaper than the TCU class. It has been fun so far. Our playdate schedule is filling back up too. I wish that we could get Emy into a Little Gym class or something similar (I think it would help with the walking and independence), but they are so expensive. Maybe with some tax return money or something like that.

January Goal- I have this entire list that I made out of ways to increase Noodles & Milk business. I have people that will be hosting blog giveaways of my products, I want to open a site on 1000Markets and Artfire, plus various advertising opportunities. However, I started putting all the work into and then I realized that because of CPSIA I might be out of business in a couple weeks. SO, my January goal is on hold until February or March. If a miracle happens with CPSIA then I will move forward with my efforts and also a lot of new designs (Hello clothing!!!!). So, I guess what I am saying is that I am already failing at my goal-a-month thing. If I would have been thinking straight earlier this month I would have made this months goal something like organizing the closets. Oh well.

I think that is everthing for now. Sorry for being such a slacker. I will leave you with some pictures of Emerson having bathtime fun.

All smiles

Fun splashing

More splashing- Whoa, water in the face:)

All smiles again

Have a great week.



Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Great pictures....Emerson is one of the cutest babies ever! I just cannot get over her stunning eyes.

Good luck with your monthly goals and growing your business. I think you have such adorable items.

pinkmommy said...

She is so stinkin' cute!

So sorry she was sick. Your kids being sick is 100 million times worse than being sick yourself.

I hope you don't go out of business. I am STILL going to order something soon!

Amy said...

I love the splashy pics! If CPSIA or whatever shuts you down you can still sell to friends, right?? :-)