Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jaylee!

What a weekend! Not only was I productive with N&M, but we also got to go to church, a birthday party, to visit friends who have a new baby AND we hung a new light fixture, sewed an outfit for Emerson and cleaned out a closet. It was great!

The birthday party was so fun because it was a chance for us to see other friends and their kids too. To celebrate Jaylee's 1st birthday, her parents threw a crawfish boil! It was so much fun. There were so many people there and almost everyone had young kids. It was absolutely hillarious because there were tikes everywhere.

Emerson really had fun because her best bud Hayden was there. They followed each other around everywhere and wanted to share most everything. This age is so precious to watch their interactions.
For some unknown reason, Emerson was obsessed with my friend Meghann. She literally would not leave her side or her arms. She wanted nothing to do with me or Steve. She would only go somewhere if Meghann would take her. She would only eat if Meghann was there. She would only play with Meghann. She would only listen to get the point.

Here are some pictures from Jaylee's bday party:
Birthday girl Jaylee

Emy and Hayden playing on the slide

Jaylee loved having a bunch of strangers sing Happy Birthday to her.

Hayden stealing Emy's oranges

Dragging Meghann around

Checking out the live crawfish: "Ooo look, those things are moving..."

Dragging Meghann around even more

This next photo was the highlight for me. I have known these two girls forever. We have been such close friends for the last 15 years. In highschool we were the best of friends- we shared so many memories laughing, crying, talking, doing nothing, typical girl stuff...Our friendship has survived seperate colleges, moves, careers, babies, losses, marriages and all the other little stuff. It is one of those friendships that even if you don't talk for a while, when you do talk again it is like you just pick up where you left off. I love these girls dearly.

It is so fun that we all have little girls of our own. Of course, we HAD to have a picture to document the happy occasion with our girls.

Amanda and Annabeth, Jennifer and Jaylee, Me and Emerson

Have a great week!



bethany said...

What fun!! Cute outfit that Emy has on!

Amanda said...

It was so fun! We are 3 blessed women! I'm so thankful to have had your friendship this long. I love you, Sab!

Amanda said...

It was so fun! We are 3 blessed women! I'm so thankful to have had your friendship this long. I love you, Sab!