Monday, July 20, 2009

Music Class

Emerson loves music class. In class she is quiet and shy and generally keeps to herself. Don't let that fool you though, she soaks it all in and save the "show" for home. At home she does the motions to songs, dances to the music from the classes CD and does a lot of the repetitive things that they teach. She gets so excited about music.

We just finished our 3rd semester. I finally remembered the camera. These pictures are not the greatest, but they show her engaged in class and playing with the instruments, which is the point. Basically this post is just for record keeping and those that want to see new pictures of Emerson.

PS- What is going on with blogger lately? It won't let me cut and paste or move pictures around anymore...anyone else having a problem? If you know something- please pass the info on.



Amanda said...

I do all my photo rearranging in the "edit html" mode. Are you doing it in "compose"? I've never been able to get a handle on it that way.

Amy said...

Love the pics. I had the same problem w/ pics a few weeks ago. I just saved it for later and came back to it and it let me move them then. Weird that it keeps happening to you! Blogger is the WORST about pics.

Dana said...

Just enough hair for that pony tail...too cute!