Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We sure did. We had family here and loved that we had a white Christmas. It was super special this year with Emerson. She absolutely loved the season and all the excitement that went with it. She got really into celebrating Baby Jesus' birthday and Santa. We celebrated Advent every night and she thoroughly enjoyed the stories and treats that went with it.

Santa was really good to us all this year, especially me. I got the most fantastic thing of all....a new camera! So, beware that this post is chock full of pictures!

A couple of shots of our tree

The cutest ornament on the tree

Christmas morning playing in the snow before opening presents

Pulling a candy cane out of her stocking

Thrilled with her new Beauty and the Beast movie

Opening a Snow white doll

Washing her hands in her new kitchen

So excited to see what Santa brought

Attempting to take a picture with a toddler

Still trying

Family picture

Driving her new car from Granmom and Grandad

Look at this precious ponytail

Playing after the snow has gone



bethany said...

Merry Christmas!! Cute pictures! I got a new camera too-but no idea how to use it. I've been reading up on it, but I think it'll take a lot of practice!! What kind of camera did you get? Now we can give each other tips on shop stuff and camera stuff :)

Stephanie said...

Hi! I got a new camera, too! And took a picture of Ethan's ornament on the tree also! I started cracking up laughing when I saw your post... new camera...same pictures... :)

Give me a shout when you want to do a play date -


Amy said...

Oooohhh... you must have a fancy new camera! Love the pics!