Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Her mother's daughter

We found ourselves with a little extra time before we had to leave for school this morning. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take some pictures of Emerson in the new skirt that I made her and give her a chance to run off some energy. So, we went to play outside for a few minutes. This is how it went:

"Emerson, will you come stand over here so mommy can take one quick picture?"

"Emerson will you show me a pretty smile?"

"Emerson, it is almost time to go to school. Will you please let me take your picture?"

"Emy, you are being so silly. Mommy really wants to take a picture of your pretty new skirt. Will you please hold still?"

"Emerson, if you come over here and let me take your picture then I will let you have a fig newton on the way to school."

Ah, that worked! She definitely gets her love of cookies from mommy.
PS- Please don't leave me any comments about how terrible it is to bribe my child with food, especially over such trivial things as pictures. I am fully aware of this:)



bethany said...

As the parent of two incredible stubborn children, I believe that bribery is the only way to go and I will always stand by that sentiment.

Love the skirt-so cute!

Erin said...

I'm a firm believer in bribery....not gonna lie :) That story really cracked me up too!!!

Stephanie said...

hmm.... this is how i get everything accomplished. except i think fig newtons are somewhat healthy... which is why ethan doesnt like them. he goes for the super unhealthy things...he actually says cookie/treat/chocolate milk when i say that i need to run an errand with him.

allison said...

priceless! and i think every mom uses "enticements" like that just to survive!! i wish it would work to get ford to stop and smile though. . . he just keeps on going

Amy said...

HA! Friend, whatever it takes... whatever it takes. Your fellow mommies get this completely. Not that I'm to bribery stage yet, but I'm close and I'm fully aware that I'm so not above it. Adorable pics, her hair is getting really long!

Kylie said...

My son is bribed with m&ms for just about every picture he's taken since he was two! You're not alone :) And SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!

Allison said...

anyone who judges is clearly not a parent.

jenn said...

I've learned that bribes are definitely a good thing and my daughter is not even two yet. And if i forget...she reminds me!