Friday, February 18, 2011

Playing outside

The weather has been so warm this week and we finally had time to play outside today. It was nice to get a break from being cooped up inside. Emy loved picking all the "flowers" aka weeds. Ash loved listening to all the outdoor sounds.

Mommy liked getting to shoot outside too. Too bad that within the next hour both kids were screaming at nap time. Sigh...Tis the life of a mommy.

Oh and just because I have no other place to put these little nuggets, here are the latest Emy-isms...

1. While coloring one day Emerson was drawing a bunch of circles ("curcles"). I asked her what all the circles were and she replied with, "I don't know. Maybe raccoons. Or maybe spaceships."

2. The other day Emerson had a fabulous lunch to her standards- chicken nuggets, applesauce and potato chips. While eating she mentioned how much she loves applesauce. I agreed with her and asked her if she knew what applesauce was made from. Her response, A long pause. I said again, "What do you think APPLEsauce is made from?" Emy says..."Maybe corn?". Ha!