Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ashton is 7 months old!

Ashton is 7 months old. He is super, super fun right now. I know I have said it several times before, but he is such a happy baby.

He is finally sleeping through the night (although not currently because he has a cold).

He is really trying to get on all fours. He wants to crawl so bad.

Ashton loves to sit and be surround by his toys. He is content playing by himself for several minutes at a time. This has been so helpful when dealing with big sister.

When Emerson cries, he knows something is wrong and he will look around the room with this really pout-y lip. If someone does not respond right away he starts to cry too.

Ashton still does not have any teeth. I am starting to think that he will be a perpetual teether.