Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ashton is 10 months!

Well, technically I am 8 days late. At least I still took the picture. I will tell you what it has been a miracle that I have gotten all these photos taken. It really isn't as easy as it seems. And I take pictures for a living. Anyways....

Ash is 10 months and I am beside myself. I ordered his birthday invitations today. We are having his party a week early so that means it is NEXT MONTH! My heart is breaking into a million little pieces. My baby. Sigh.

Ashton is just so much fun. And a complete mess all at once. He is all over the place. And I truly mean all. over. the. place. And he isn't walking yet. I have a feeling that will come very soon.

He loves to eat table food. Loves to play with Emerson. Loves to dance. Loves his bath. And LOVES when daddy comes home.