Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Emerson!

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My baby girl turned 4 today. Hard to believe she is already four. Some moments I think it is hard to believe she is only four.

These days Emerson is more like fourteen than four. Except for the tantrums thrown in. Pretty sure teens don't have tantrums. It is amazing to me how mature Emy is most of the time and then how she can flip a switch so quickly and revert back to the terrible twos. When she is being mature and sweet it is so heartwarming and wonderful to see. And then things change. Tis the life of preschooler I guess.

Developmentally, Emy is really into words right now. She wants to spell and practice writing and read a lot. I am so happy that she is interested in those things right now but it is also scary to know that learning them is in my hands.

Emy loves to do anything like an adult. She likes helper jobs, likes to do things herself. Likes to go on "big girl" outings. We painted toe nails purple today for her birthday and she was pumped. When she helps in the kitchen she is thrilled. Loves putting on her clothes and brushing her teeth all by herself. She likes talking on the phone, opening the mail, helping me clean the house and working in the yard. Seriously, when she is helping, she is so content.

Emerson sings almost all day long.

We have been working on scripture memorization over the last couple months. Nothing big, but just spending a couple weeks at a time on different ones. She gets them and can recite them and knows what they mean. I pray that we continue this habit. I believe in the value of hiding God's word in your heart. I am so terrible with scripture memorization and I want it to be something that she is good at.

Emerson loves playing with Ashton. They are at such a good place right now. He is mobile and understands playing games with her and she is enjoying interacting with him. It is so sweet to see.

Emy is trying to give up her nap. She only naps about 2 days a week. The other days she stays in her room and plays quietly for about 2 hours and then goes to bed early on those nights. For the most part, she seems to do just fine on this routine.

Yesterday Emerson celebrated her birthday at school. In the past, birthday celebrations at school consisted of parents coming to eat lunch and special cookies. This year they added wearing a special birthday hat and the entire class singing happy birthday complete with a fake cake and pretend candles to blow out. It was really really cute:)

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I "interviewed" Emerson yesterday afternoon. On her last afternoon of a three-year-old. Some of the questions and her answers were:

What is your favorite color? Pink, purple and rainbows
What is your favorite food? Candy and spaghetti
What is your favorite toy? Computers (funny since she does not have one and is not allowed to play on ours)
Who is your favorite friend? Jaylee
What are you most excited about turning four? Getting a computer (seriously, where does she get this!?!?!)

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bethany said...

I love these photos. And the interview! Why didn't I do that?!? In fact, I still haven't written Storey's birthday post (I've been a terrible blogger lately)-it's on my list of to-dos. So I may just interview her and post it a couple of months late. Great idea.

Teenagers don't have temper tantrums?? Not sure about that. :)