Friday, December 30, 2011

Ashton's first haircut

This post is really really late. His first haircut was over a month ago. Oops.

I really really delayed Ashton's first haircut because I loved the shaggy hair and curls. I knew that once he had a big boy haircut the curls would be gone forever. I was just not ready yet. But his bangs kept getting in his eyes. And I could not handle that. So, off we went to Cool Cuts.

The woman was so nice and completely understood. She took about an inch off all the way around but still left it shaggy and showed me how to style it to make the curls come back:)


ash haircut low res-2825

ash haircut low res-2828

ash haircut low res-2832

ash haircut low res-2833

ash haircut low res-2836

ash haircut low res-2849

ash haircut low res-2852

ash haircut low res-2856

ash haircut low res-2853



Meghann said...

oh my gosh that first b&w looks just like Emy!!!