Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spring Soccer recap

Well, I am going to try to get this blog up to date one post at a time. Since fall soccer just started, I might as well post the SPRING soccer recap. Yes, I am an entire season behind on blogging. Oops.

Emerson soccer team is named the Doodlebugs and they have the coolest rainbow tie-dye jerseys. All the other little girl teams are jealous. (I have no proof of this but I would be!) Since Emerson loves rainbows, this works out well! She is number 14:)

To say that Emerson loves soccer would be an understatement. She LOVES it. The first couple practices and games, she was a little timid but she has grown to love it more with each passing game.

During the games, she really does give it her all. She actually runs the entire game, which I think is impressive for her age. When she practices and plays, a part of her I have never seen before comes out. She is aggressive and strong. We are so proud of her!

Doodlebug edit-2432
Doodlebug edit-2441
Doodlebugs edit-2365
Doodlebugs edit-2422
Doodlebugs edit-2732
Doodlebugs game 6-8162
last practice-9431
Doodlebugs last game-9826
Emerson with some of the other girls at the end of year soccer party. 2012-09-13_001
Sitting with her new friend, Reese (who she adores) at the party. 2012-09-13_002  
Getting her trophy! emy-edit-2401-low