Sunday, November 11, 2012

Emerson's 5th birthday party

Emerson was very specific when I asked her what she wanted to do for her party, "I want a Fancy Nancy art party" she said. Okay. Not sure what that is but let's run with it.

Fancy Nancy is one of Emy's current loves. If you are not familiar with this character, she is a little girl (age 6 or 7 I think) who likes all things fancy. She dresses fancy. Talks with big fancy words. And does everything with flair. She really is a cute character.

Like any typical 5 year old, Emy is obsessed with different toys and characters every month. Her taste is always changing. One thing has stayed constant since she was a baby. Emerson loves art. LOVES it. So, her request for an art party was not a surprise at all.

I had a few road blocks when planning Emerson's party this year. 1. I wasn't sure how to tie Fancy Nancy and Art Party together. 2. Emerson's birthday happens to fall smack dab into my busiest time of year business wise and therefore my time allotted for party prep was really small.

In the end I decided to basically plan an art party and then decorate it "fancy". It definitely was not the most coordinated and themed party ever but it was girly and artsy and Emerson loved it.

We decorated with tons of streamers and sparkly tulle and lace placemats. We hung balloons overhead. When we put them up Emy said, "Oh Mommy. I love that. Can we keep it like that forever?" It was cute.

The kids arrived and got to pick out some "pearls" and a ribbon halo to wear. They had to get "fancied up". Then they snacked and painted a "mural" on a wall while we waited for everyone to arrive. When all the guests were here, the kids had an art lesson with Miss Kristi. They painted cupcakes. After the art class, the kids got to decorate their own cupcakes. Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday. Afterwards, the kids went back to painting and some just ran off the sugar high.

Overall, Emerson had a blast. She loved having all of her closest friends with her. She loved getting fancy and obviously, loved the art. Afterwards she kept hugging me and saying, "Mommy thank you so much for the best party. You are the best mommy". Can't beat that!


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