Monday, April 21, 2008

Poor Emy

The weekend started off great. Emerson and I did the March of Dimes 5k walk on Saturday morning (Steve did a seperate charity walk). The weather was so beautiful and we had a great walk. Afterwards, the three of us ran a few errands and had a playdate with Hayden and family. By the time we got home on Saturday evening, Emerson had a fever of 103! What? Where did that come from? An hour ago she was cracking up at Steve making silly noises.

The fever turned into several other symptoms and by this point I am freaking out. I called the pediatrician's after hours line. The nurse calmed me down and helped me rationalize her symptoms. Emy slept pretty decent considering she was sick on Saturday night. Sunday Emy's fever is still up and down and the other symptoms persist. She was super clingy and fussy all day. Since nothing got worse, we decided to wait until this morning to call the doctor instead of taking her to a germy urgent care clinic. Sunday night, Emerson slept terribly. She did not want to be in her crib. She just wanted to be held. Since we did not know what was wrong or if she was in any pain, I gave in and let her sleep on me. I slept holding her in her rocker for most of the night last night. So, you can imagine how much sleep I got and how great my neck felt this morning.

So, we get to the doctor this morning and he cannot find anything wrong with her. This is great news and so frustrating at the same time. I know that my child has been more sick than she has ever been in her short 6 month life and I am being told that there is nothing currently wrong with her! What?! The doctor kindly reassures me that she probably just got some fast-acting viral thing that is on its way out and that is why he can't find anything. So, he tells me to keep an eye on her and if she is not 100% by Wednesday I need to come back in. Sure enough, she never ran a fever today and seems to be somewhat headed back to normal.

She was her usual playful self in bathtime tonight and drank most of her bedtime bottle. These are both positive signs that things are heading in the right direction. So, I am hoping that tomorrow my happy, smiley, chatty daughter will be back. Tonight, however, we have to deal with the sleeping issues. Since we spoiled her last night, she is upset that things are going back to normal tonight. I have no problem re-training her since I now know that she is not in pain or does not have a fever, but I have a feeling that it is going to be a long night.



bethany said...

It's the worst when you can figure out what is wrong!! I often wish that I could ask "What hurts" and he/she would tell me :) Sorry about the lack of sleep but glad to hear that she's starting to feel better!!

Amy said...

Aww, poor baby :-(

Anonymous said...

Poor thing. I hope she is feeling better today! How did it go last night with the sleeping? Thinking of you guys. . .

J A Hynek said...

Welcome to Mystery Fever Theater, when your child decides it is time to play "guess why I am running a random fever with no apparent cause." Pediatric fevers are almost as bad as the random pediatric rashs (not diaper related) for which you will never completely be sure of the cause.

Hank spiked a lot of strange fever beginning at about 5 months until he was at 12 months old. Initially, I freaked but then I started noticing a pattern that conincided with his cutting new teeth.

My rule of thumb is Baby Tylenol at anything over 100F. If it gets to 101F then baby gets stuck in a bathtub of water just warm enough to prevent a chill but not so warm as to be considered warm. I always made a game of this with Hank so as not let on to him that Mommy is getting pretty worried. Once you get to 103F if it doesn't come down with Tylenol and tepid bath then I start calling the doc and looking up at what temp for what age group that you take them into the ER. Thankfully the tepid bath trick always seemed to work.