Monday, June 23, 2008

Tag, I'm it

My sweet friend Erin tagged me on this post. So, for those of you interested, here are my answers...

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? I had just graduated high school and was planning to head to TCU for college. I went to Young Life's Frontier Ranch as a junior leader and worked part-time at two jobs- waitressing at the Kettle and in an office at a japanese engineering firm (both AWESOME, I know)

2. My Favorite Snacks: cheese, nuts, grapes, chips and salsa and anything sweet:)

3. Five things on my to-do list today....Walmart, laundry, bargain hunting at a couple new resale shops I just heard about, working tonight and playing with Emy:)

4.Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Well, where to begin on this...starting with the obvious, I would give a lot to our church, give a load to charity (especially young life), pay off all our debts, move into our dream home, replace our cars, put aside a college account and wedding fund for Emy, put aside a retirement account for Steve and I....THEN we would do something big and special for our family and friends, shop a little and then put the rest in the bank. Wait, I forgot the biggest of all, we would TAKE A VACATION!

5. Five jobs that I've had...Waitressing (The Kettle and Macaroni Grill), Merchandiser at Banana Republic, Special Events Intern, Buyer for Zale Corp, and Mommy.

6. Five places I've lived: Houston, Fort Worth, Irving, Coppell and Euless....Isn't it sad that 4 of those 5 places are part of the DFW metroplex. I loathe the fact that I have basically only lived in 2 cities within the same state my entire life. I would LOVE to move somewhere "new" just for the excitement of change.

7.Five random things people wouldn't know about me: 1. I love change. Just when things are getting settled in our lives, I get antsy to mix things up again...2. I have 2 tattoos (not proud) 3.I accepted Christ on Dec 27, 1997. 4. I love calendars. I know this is weird, but I have this weird obsession with dates, times and writing it all down. As an example, in my old office, I had 4 calendars (that were all being used) within reach of my computer. Forget palm pilots, I love to write it down the old school way. 5. I used to go rollerblading every day in the summer in high school with Erin (the one who tagged me). We talked of our futures and how we were going to marry twin baseball players and be friends forever:)

8.Five cds that I'd have to take on a desert island: Honestly I am really not a CD person...just give me christian radio or an ipod with all kinds of random stuff.

9. People I tag are.......uh, I don't know that many bloggers, and Erin tagged the ones I do know, so I will just tag Amy and Bethany...



Amy said...

Cool! I'll totally do it, I just need to provide everyone a Queso update first :-) ac
PS-- I didn't know you had TATOOS!

bethany said...

I didn't take up sewing until I started staying home with Jakson too-I just never had time for things like that before!! So, I'm no professional, pretty much a beginner as well-I guess my advice would be don't be afraid to make mistakes and rip out a lot of seams!! :) My first project was a quilt-it was pretty simple and I bought the pieces already cut so that I could just concentrate on learning to sew. Oh yeah and don't buy patterns!! Search for a tutorial online first, because they are so much easier to follow and are FREE-patterns can range anywhere from 3-9 dollars and can be more confusing (in my opinion). A great site for inspiration and online tutorials (with pictures!) is You can really find just about anything there!! I'm excited to see what you come up with-once you get started it's hard to stop!!