Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life as a one-year-old...

...Is not fun. Poor Emerson, since her wonderful birthday, things have gone down hill fast. Her appointment Monday brought 5 shots- two of which were live viruses (chicken pox and the flu). So, due to the shots, she is not feeling well. To make matters worse, mean mommy is still not giving her any milk or a bottle. She is still very angry about this. Then to make matters horrific, she is cutting THREE teeth at the same time. They are all on the top and she is miserable. My normally happy and easy going baby is angry, fussy, clingy and just overall miserable. Life at our house has definitely been better.

Anyways, here are some of the great pics from Saturday. Our friend, Amber, was hired to be the official photographer. I am so glad that we did this because looking back, I would not have gotten any pictures because there was so much to do. They turned out great!

We took some family pics. Eventhough no one is looking at the camera, I thought this was sweet.
Not sure about all these people yet.
Playing with sweet Jaylee.
Yummy cupcakes.
Sticking close to mommy.
Happy Birthday Emerson!
Yummy frosting!
This is great!



Erin said...

Sabrina...I can not believe she's ONE already! Those pictures were great, such a good idea to have someone in charge of pictures. And that pic of Emy and Jaylee was so sweet...sometimes I still can't believe that we're all Mommys!! I hope she starts feeling better soon :)

Amanda said...

These are soooo cute! I have the ones Amber took at Jackson's first birthday in huge collage frames in his room. She is awesome! Sorry Emy is having a rough start to her second year.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Emy looks beautimous as always, and her cupcakes look so yummy! Sorry she isn't feeling great, hope she feels better soon! :)