Monday, November 17, 2008

Emerson's new tricks

Emerson is learning a ton right now and picking things up very quickly. Here is a run down of her hew tricks:

-Nodding her head in the "yes" motion instead of just the "no" motion
-Making the "what?" motion with her hands and at the appropriate time. Imagine "Emerson, where is your baby?" and her response being the "what?" motion with her hands out to the side palms up...too cute
-Jazz hands- Emy has always been a dancing queen- everywhere we go she picks up the background music and starts swaying and bopping. Now she does this in addition to jazz hands- When we were in Walmart last week she picked up on the Christmas tunes and started rocking out to the music with jazz hands and all. I cannot tell you how many people she was performing for because down every aisle people would laugh at her in all her cuteness.
-Pointing at the correct stuff- "Emy where is your baby?" and she points to baby, "Where is Elmo?" and she points to Elmo, "Where is your ear?" and she points to ear. Also cute and impressive (at least to us)
-Winking- if you give her a dramatic wink, she scrunches up her nose and blinks slowly with both eyes and then looks at you like, "Did I do it?"---It is seriously adorable
-Walking behind her push toys- She has four different push toys and LOVES to walk across the room behind them. Seriously, she squeals the entire time and when she is finished she looks at you and starts clapping profusely. She gets so proud of herself.

It is amazing to me that all of this has developed in the past two weeks! Watching it has been so fun. We have laughed around here more in the past couple weeks than I can ever remember.



Erin said...

oh that is adorable...I can totally picture her doing each of those things!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh! I had no idea she was doing all these things! I can't wait to see her in action!