Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March goal

So, February's goal was easy. Organization. I started on it immediately and worked on it a little bit every couple of days. One thing I learned is that organizing- at least the way I want to do it- is expensive. I did repurpose several bins and baskets that were not being used to their fullest though. Other than that I did not really buy anything except a couple of $2 bins at Target and some cute pink baskets for the sewing room.

So, the goal changed a little bit once I realized that I could not completely afford what I wanted to do. It turned into more of a clean-out the spaces project. Still something that really needed to be done. I have decided, out of embaressment, that I will not post most of the "before" photos...just the sewing room, but here is what happened:

-Hall closet- This desperately needed to be cleaned out- in fact a trash bag of stuff was tossed. Isn't it amazing how much junk we hold on to? Anyways, I organized all the medicine by category into 4 different bins and moved them into the guest bath room. The bins are all labeled- stomach, cold & cough, general and baby. That alone was super helpful. Before that the medicine was just thrown in there and we could not find anything. I also moved all the linens into the guest bathroom (there is tons of storage in there). As I mentioned in an earlier post, all of the fine china was moved into this closet due to a curious toddler.

-Guest bathroom- This was pretty empty before. There is so much storage space in there that I did not know what to do with it. There are still several empty drawers but I put most of the space to good use.

-Sewing room- This room was a disaster. It is still a work-in-progress but is much better than it was. Basically, buying storage bins and organization tools is all I need to do, but they are so expensive that I do it a couple at a time. I have a great storage closet in there with lots of shelving, but it is so full of other junk that no sewing stuff fits in there. Once again, I need to clean it out so that I can really put it to better use.

Before. Yikes

Stuff everywhere
Fabric and patterns overflowing
Just a giant disaster area
After. A little more order More fabric bins added to my growing collection
A new sewing machine! Joy!
A new serger so that I can sell professionally done clothes!

So, for my March goal I have decided that I need to make a couple of outfits for Emerson. This might sound like a simple goal for most, but I have absolutely no time. With the crazy amount of orders that I have it is going to be really tough to find the time to get some done for her. I have all these precious spring patterns and fabric set aside for her and I really need to make it a priority.
I will leave you with some random pics of Emerson at the park. It was a little chilly, but she was bundled and still enjoyed the swings.

How cute is this jacket and hat? My mother-in-law made it for her for Christmas. It is all minky and so soft- makes me wish I had a minky coat.

Almost a smile



Amanda said...

I'm so proud of your success!

bethany said...

Nice job with organizing! It's always hard to make time to sew stuff for yourself/your kids when you are always making this for other people. I'm excited to see what you whip up for Emerson!!