Monday, March 2, 2009

No topic

Hi everyone. I really don't have a topic today except to post the precious pics. These are from last week. Emy has discovered the china cabinet. I promptly moved all the china into a closet and filled it with books and random stuff that she can mess with. She loves to go over to it and pull everything out and then put everything back in.


Ooooo, something good!
We got Emerson her first pair of sunglasses (Target $1 aisle) in preparation for summer. She thinks she is pretty hot stuff in them.
On another random note, Noodles & Milk surpassed 300 sales last week! Holy cow, I can't believe it. If you have not checked it out lately, you should drop in because there are lots of new goodies and more to come.



Amy said...

Love that outfit. You are so talented! Congrats on 300+!

bethany said...

What a cute outfit!! I really have no idea how you keep up with all of your orders!! Congrats on the fabulous success of your shop-they should interview you as a "how-to" for new Etsy sellers!!

Patti said...

I just placed a website on your etsy site for my own little Emersyn! How fun! What great taste in names we have! :) Can't wait to get the onesie, I was happy to do something to benefit Cora Paige.

Anonymous said...

great pics! i love the one where it looks like she is saying "ooohhh" - precious! darling outfit too! congrats on your great business!!