Friday, April 3, 2009

GAM update and SO much more!

Hi everyone, all 10 of you! Sorry I have been so bad about blogging lately. I have been SWAMPED with Noodles & Milk lately. It is a blessing and a curse. In fact, if you want to be praying for something, please pray for guidance with what to do "next" with the business.

N&M has really outgrown its current situation- ie: me sewing at naptime and at night. It has turned into a monster. I sew EVERY FREE SECOND. It is terrible. I never see Steve and I certainly don't have time to spend with Steve AND Emy together. Something has to change.

I love that the business has gotten so great. I love the prospect of growing it further. I just need help or better time management or something. Most of you are probably saying, "Just hire help"...well it is not that easy. Right now N&M is bringing in just enough for me, not what I would need to pay someone else. So, do I take the leap of faith and do it having the confidence that the money will come from somewhere?

Anyways, sorry that was a tangent that I was not prepared to get into....

Back to March's Goal. I wanted to make time to create some fun clothes for Emerson. Well, I did! I made her 3 outfits. The problem is that only one of them is blog worthy. The other two are okay, but with one I do not like the pattern I used- it needs a major re-adjustment before I use it again. With the other I am not that happy with the fabric choice that I made.

Anyways, here are pics of Emerson in her new dress yesterday. It was a little cool, so she wore it with pants. When it gets hot I will let the straps down a little to make it longer and she can wear it with bloomers.

Now, for April's goal. I am really torn here, but I think my goal this month is going to be to read a book or maybe two. Isn't that sad that I have to make that a goal? I have soooo many books that I want to read, and I just don't have time. I really want to read The Shack so that I can finally understand the buzz behind it. I also have several parenting books lined up that I want to get to. So, there you have it, April's goal is to read!

On to other things...Emerson has two new molars. They are finally all the way through! Praise the Lord for that. She is very proud of them. If you ask her to show you her teeth, she opens really wide. Cute.

Oh and for those of you who check the time stamps on these postings, Emerson is STILL ASLEEP! Praise the Lord.



Amy said...

God will show you the way with this. After all, your designs are "gracefully inspired." :-) Hang in there, I'm about to email you with an idea...

CeCe said...

You need to "hire" and intern. They work for experiance and that's the perfect low budget/no budget solution for a growing business that can't afford a payroll person just yet!

Congrats on everything!!

bethany said...

I love the dress-perfect fabric choices and of course Emy is such a doll!!

Especially with summer on it's way-maybe hire a neighbor girl or someone to come over for a couple hours in the afternoon (like a 12 year old that you wouldn't normally trust to babysit on her own) as a mother's helper. I did this a couple of times during the Christmas rush and it was FABULOUS!! I only paid like 3 an hour because you're home the whole time too in case something happens-that way Emy is entertained/safe and you can get something done!