Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Steve's parents came in town this weekend to babysit Emerson so that we could have our first 24 hours without her. It was glorious. We could not afford a fancy vacation or extended time away so we just stayed in a nice hotel in downtown and enjoyed not having to run on any naptime or feeding schedule.

We went to Joe T's on Friday night and the weather was PERFECT. When we got there the line for outside was easily over an hour wait and we had literally been there less than 3 minutes when we somehow won the seating lottery. One of the hostesses came up to us and asked how many in our party. We told her two and she proceeded to have us seated- Right Then! It was amazing. So, we thouroughly enjoyed our pitcher of margaritas by the fountains outside.

After that we just enjoyed the weather and downtown and just walked around. We eventually stopped at Grace for a glass of wine- again, outside. On Sunday we "slept in" (if you can really ever do that again after having kids) and then went to a yummy brunch at Taverna. We spent the afternoon reading and seeing Angels & Demons.

I can't tell you how great it was to spend time just the two of us. I forgot how much fun we could have and we really didn't talk about Emerson that much. It was such a treat.

Yesterday we went to the pool and tried to get Emy in for the first time this summer. Wrong-O. She screamed terrifying tears. So, this is obviously going to be a process. Maybe she will be in by the end of the summer.
She was perfectly content just playing by the pool while mommy and daddy sat in the cool water alongside her. She looks pretty cute in her new swimsuit though:)



allison said...

what a fun treat! and she looks darling in her suit with her pretty blonde hair! hopefully she will quickly discover the fun of the pool!