Monday, August 24, 2009

Uncle Scott

My brother-in law came to visit this weekend. Emerson has only seen him about 6 times in her life because until June, he lived in China.

Well, he moved back to the states in June to start grad school this fall. With him being back home, Emerson has seen him several times this summer. Each visit has been with the grandparents and others around, so it was never one-on-one time. Emerson never really warmed up to Scott--- until this weekend!

Emerson warmed up to Scott almost immediately this time. She has been trying so hard to say him name. She runs the S and the C together and it sounds like she is trying to hock a loogie. It is hillarious.

Emy got to spend lots of time with Scott this weekend and they were like best buds. Everything he did she wanted to copy. She is just smitten with him. I am so thankful that they had this time together because Scott left early this morning for Long Island to start grad school.

Trying to take a decent picture outside of Joe T's is too distracting

Bad picture but cute moment- reading stories Friday night