Thursday, October 29, 2009

2-year check up statistics

Emerson had her 2-year check up this morning. She was so good! She sat patiently through the exam, didn't fuss getting the flu mist or her finger pricked. She even gave her urine sample by sitting on the potty at their office! I could not believe it. I was (and still am) so proud of her for this! The only time she cried was the very end when she got one shot. It was wonderful.

For record keeping sake here are her current measurements:

-25 lbs- 30%
-35.5" height- 89%
-Also, she is still comfortably in 18-month cloths. She is technically big enough for 24mo according to her stats but she has such a long torso and little legs (like mommy) that the 24mo pants are ENORMOUS on her.

During the exam when the doctor was running through all the developmental questions, there were several things she has surpassed early and then others that she is way behind on. The big one that she is behind on is still language. Can she say more than 50 words? "Nope- not even close". Does she primarily speak in at least 2-word sentences? "Nope, never". As usual, our pediatrician is not concerned. He thinks she is fine because she understands everything. Like walking, she is just taking her sweet time.