Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Sun Finally Came Out Today!

The sun finally came out today after weeks (literally) of rain. This evening when daddy came home we went out in the wild (front yard) to pick flowers. It has rained so much recently that the lawn is fully green and has not been mowed in weeks. It looks really nice.

Started a new game of roll the acorns down the driveway. Emy loved it.

Could be the last time that these sandals are worn. They have been worn almost everyday since the beginning of summer. We definitely got our money's worth with them- Thanks Granmom.

Don't know what happened to my signature....


bethany said...

I so wish it was still sandal weather here, but alas it is more like sweater weather. :(

Allison said...

She is just such a precious being Sabrina. Just precious. Yeah for sunshine!