Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Emerson made a precious Cinderella.

Friday night we went to TCU's Frogfest. It is this free family-friendly Halloween event that they throw every year. Eventhough it was not really age appropriate for Emerson, she still had fun because she was there with her buddy Hayden.

Before we left for Frogfest, we took some pictures in the front yard using the hay leftover from her birthday party.

Mommy-daughter picture with the purple "carcrow" as Emy would say

On Saturday our friend, Kathryn, had a Halloween party. Emerson took a little while to warm up since there were so many kiddos in costumes. But, when she warmed up she had a blast playing with her friend Ashley.
In the mini-bounce house with Ashley
Drawing with Ashley on the magnadoodle

Emerson with fairy Ashley and Kathryn (also Cinderella)

Sitting with mommy before she warmed up

After the party Emerson got a special treat and got to watch a movie in bed. She insisted on keeping her costume on.



Amanda said...

She was so darling!

Allison said...

she is so cute!