Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ashton is 2 weeks old!

I cannot believe that Ashton is 2 weeks old! Time is passing so quickly. As many people warned me, poor Ashton is getting photographically neglected. I love taking pictures but finding time to have little photo shoots with him is near impossible...and that is WITH Steve being at home. I am afraid that when I am on my own next week he may never be in another picture again. Poor guy...when Emerson was a baby we took close to 50 pictures A DAY of her. I guess that is because I had nothing else to do!

Anyways, Ashton had his 2 week check on Friday and is doing great. Here are his stats:

Weight- 9lbs 4oz (above his birth weight!)- 70%

Height- 22"- 97%

Ashton at 2 weeks you are already out of newborn size diapers...those only lasted about 4 days. You are still in newborn sized clothes but I know that is quickly fleeting too. You are such a good eater and eat every 3-4 hours. You are currently favoring one side over the other, but we are trying to work through that. Your favorite things to do (other than eat and sleep) are to be snuggled and to watch your sister. This is a great thing seeing as she loves to watch you too. One thing that sets you apart from your sister is that you do not like shopping with mommy. Both times I have taken you out, you have screamed the entire time. We need to work through this because you are going to be my errand buddy.

Ashton, you are such a joy to our family already.



bethany said...

It's so true though-I think the 2nd child gets neglected in many many ways. I always think "poor Storey" as well.

gina suther said...

everyone warned me that Quincey would get fewer photographs so i have been very diligent to keep the camera around. i know she isn't getting as many as flynn, but hopefully it;'s not as neglectful!