Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Emerson's first day of school 2011

Today should have been the first day of preschool for both Emerson and Ashton. Unfortunately, Ash has had a questionable fever for two days. So, he stayed home with me while Emy went to school.

This year Emerson is in a three's class. This marks a couple of big transitional steps. First, the classes now have 13 students and two teachers compared to 5-7 students and 1 teacher. Second, the parents no longer walk the kids into their class. Now I drop Emy off at the door and her cubby is in the hallway. These are both things that UCC does to prepare the kids for kindergarten(!) Inhale. Exhale. Breath.

Emerson has 3 friends in her class this year- Ethan, Ashley and Adelaide. I was really thankful for the familiar faces to help with the transition into a new classroom.

Speaking of friends, in the past couple weeks, Emerson has started on this "girls only" thing. As in, she won't play with boys. It is really quite obnoxious. She is even this way to her friends that are boys. Seriously, the "girls rule" thing is already starting? At 3.5? Where do they get this stuff from? And how can I nip it in the bud?

Despite Emerson not being into playing with boys right now, she still adores Ashton. As in, won't-stay-out-of-his-personal-space adores him. Oh well. Soon enough the roles will reverse and he will be annoying her. Tis the life of siblings:)

Hopefully Ashton will be well enough for school next week and I can snap "first day of school 2011" take 2.