Sunday, September 4, 2011

Under Quarantine

Well, here we are on the eve of Ashton's first birthday and we are on day 6 of his quarantine. No lie. You see Ashton woke up with a fever and cold like symptoms on Tuesday morning. And Wednesday morning. And Thursday morning. At that point we went to see the pediatrician.

As the doctor was looking him over, nothing exciting happened...until he looked in Ashton's throat. A long and drawn out, "OOOOhhhh" was his remark. That is not a remark that you want to hear from your doctor. The pediatrician informed me that Ashton had several rather large sores in his throat and that he had the hand-foot-mouth virus. Fabulous.

He then continued to tell me all about it and specifically how long it would/could last. I was warned that Ashton could have a fever for 10 days! That he would be contagious up to 3 days AFTER the fever was gone! And that he would likely get sores on the outside of his mouth and on his hands and feet. Other than the sores in his throat and the discomfort of a long-term fever, Ash would be fine.

Perfect timing for the first week of school and the day before we are supposed to visit family in Houston. So, in an instant our entire weekend was flipped upside down.

This is Ashton on Friday morning. He woke up with his right eye swollen and red and a sore on his lip and a few on his chin. This picture does not do the pitiful-ness justice, poor guy looked like he had been beat up.
Despite this crazy virus, Ashton has been in rather good spirits all things considered. He was finally fever free today so I am hopeful that he will be at school for his first day on Wednesday. Fingers crossed.

And praise the Lord, everyone else in the family is healthy and in the clear.



bethany said...

So awful!! Glad the end *might* be nearing! So sad that we didn't get to see you guys this weekend :(