Thursday, October 20, 2011

Perfect Day for the Zoo

Thursday mornings are reserved for the women's bible study at church. I love this adult time and time in the word and I genuinely look forward to it every week. This morning was different. Everyone was out of sorts and I decided I needed some time with my kids. No friends, no teachers, no daddy, no grandparents, no one except mommy and kids. The weather was absolutely perfect so I decided a trip to the zoo was in order.

We have not been to the zoo since last March. I know that does not seem that crazy to most but when you live 10 minutes from the zoo and have a membership, that is a really long time not to go. We have been avoiding it though. Last time we were at the zoo was when the "real" dinosaurs were visiting. Emerson screamed the entire time and made us swear not to take her back until they were gone. Well, they were in town until July and it has just been too hot to visit since then.

Anyways, since we have not been to the zoo in 7 months, this is the first time that Ashton was really aware of what was happening. He absolutely loved it. He pointed and waved at all the animals and just stared. He loved the outdoors, the sounds, the people, the animals. He really took it all in.

Normally I hate to skip stuff. Especially something like bible study, but today it was the right decision. We had such a fantastic time and I really enjoyed my babies. And I wasn't dripping in sweat when we left. So that was a big bonus:) It was a great day.