Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011 Recap- Part 1

I am seriously behind on blogging. I knew this fall would be insane with the business but insane is an major understatement. Good news is that I survived! Bad news is that I am behind on lots of little blogging. I have several posts to catch up on but I figure I should do Christmas first and then work backward.

I really made an effort to photograph a little more of Christmas with my family. I LOVE photography. Obviously. But I am terrible about catching the everyday moments in my family. Terrible. I am always so worried about making the moments look good. Perfect lighting. Perfect set up. Etc. Well, we all know that real life is just not perfect. I cannot set up my home and children on one permanent photo shoot. Enter one of my 2012 resolutions: Shoot more of the everyday with my kids.

Anyways, I did not to a fabulous job by any means, but I did better. I think.

We had 10 at our house for Christmas. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, kids. It was a zoo. And full of love. And I would not have had it any other way.

All of the family was in town several days before Christmas and several days after. It gave us lots of time to enjoy family and just be together. It was exactly what we all needed this year.

A few days before Christmas, just hanging out outside.
Christmas 2011 low res-4890

Christmas 2011 low res-4892
The ONLY picture I am in from the holidays this year.
Christmas 2011 low res-4897

Seeing the beautiful Chesapeake lights
Christmas 2011 low res-4909
Emerson and Uncle Scott in front of the Chesapeake tree.
Christmas 2011 low res-4913

Christmas eve was spent hanging out and playing games.
Christmas 2011 low res-4925

Christmas 2011 low res-4927

Christmas 2011 low res-4932

Christmas 2011 low res-4934

Christmas 2011 low res-4950
Of course, Ashton wanted to be where the food was.
Christmas 2011 low res-4953

All dressed up before Christmas eve service. Clearly Ashton wanted to be in the picture.

Christmas 2011 low res-4967
Emerson and "Miss Melody". She is Scott's long time girlfriend and praticaly a member of our family. We just love her and Emerson is slightly obsessed.
Christmas 2011 low res-4970

After Christmas eve service and dinner. A little love from grandmom.
Christmas 2011 low res-4972

Christmas 2011 low res-4982

One of my most favorite Christmas traditions is that my grandmother reads the Night Before Christmas to the kids. I made capturing this an absolute priority.
Christmas 2011 low res-4988

Christmas 2011 low res-4997

Christmas 2011 low res-5012

After the kids are in bed. Gifts are assembled. The tree is organized (thanks Scott). Lights out.
Christmas 2011 low res-5015

Christmas 2011 low res-5020

Christmas day is in part 2!



bethany said...

So glad you got the photos you wanted of Mimi reading to the kids. I love them. They are definitely frame worthy!

And I know what you mean about trying to get the pictures just right. I just gave up and used the flash for our nativity this year. It was either that or no pictures-I hate the way the photos turned out, but glad to have the memories.