Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011 Recap- Part 2

Christmas day! We went through our family tradition of letting the kids do stockings while we wait for the rest of the family to come over. The kids loved digging through everything.

Family came over about 8:30am and we dug into the presents shortly there after.

Santa brought Ashton a cozy coupe. I knew this would be a hit. I knew Emerson would want it too even though it is not age appropriate. I seriously considered ordering her a pink one to spare myself the arguing. I decided not to. Santa brought her a pink razor scooter instead. She liked it for 5 minutes and then got discouraged. Later that night in the bath I asked her what her favorite gift was. She told me it was the Leap Pad. (Duh!) I asked her what she thought about her scooter. "I don't like it", she said. Plain as day. Awesome. Oh well, hoping that she will grow into it when she has more practice.

Oh, and I have been breaking up lots of fights over the dang car. As expected.

In other big Christmas news, I was in charge of the meal this year. This is a big deal since I am not known for my cooking skills. I was really nervous, but I planned ahead and think it was a success. The food was eaten. Praises were given. And no one got sick!

christmas low res-5042

Christmas 2011 low res-5038

Inspecting the cozy coupe. You should have seen Ashton run to this thing. It was a hit from the beginning.
Christmas 2011 low res-5048
First 5 minutes of scooter love.
Christmas 2011 low res-5053
One of my favorite pictures from Christmas!
Christmas 2011 low res-5063
A new police car. To go with his police car cozy coupe.
Christmas 2011 low res-5069

I did not take any pictures of the food. Bummer since I was so proud. At least I got a little table setup.
Christmas 2011 low res-5075
Gebhardt boys just hanging out. These three have the BEST relationship. I love watching them together.
Christmas 2011 low res-5079

The pictures abruptly stop after this. I was so worn out after the cooking extravaganza that I became "off duty" the rest of the evening:)

We had a fabulous Christmas and I hope that you did too!



bethany said...

Love these! You got so many good pictures from Christmas. Jak was a little discouraged with his scooter at first too, but quickly got the hang of it. I'm sure Emy will too.