Friday, March 2, 2012

Sleeping Baby

I have always wanted to snap a picture of my children sleeping. Not newborn-photos-sleeping, but sleeping as children. As dreaming, innocent, precious children. I just kinda figured it would never happen because they wake up on their own and are always sleeping in dark rooms so logistically, I could not see it happening.

Well today, an opportunity presented itself. Ashton fell asleep in the car this morning while we were running errands. I got home and got him out of the car and he stayed asleep on my shoulder. Lately when this has happened, I just carry him around the house for a few minutes until he wakes up. You see, he has dropped his morning nap and I don't want to put him in his bed for a full nap until after lunch.

Anyways, I was holding him and holding him and I really needed to pee. So, purely out of necessity I laid him on our bed while I ran to our bathroom. I fully expected him to wake up crying the second I laid him down. Nothing. I flush and nothing. I walk over to pick him up and it dawns on me...the light was decent. He is laying on white sheets. He is OUT COLD.

I saw the opportunity and jumped at it. I quietly sneak over and grab my camera bag and get everything set. Again, I fully expected him to wake up after the first shot (cameras are loud!). Again, nothing. So, I just snapped and snapped away. He stirred and moved around once, but that was it.

It was totally a gift this morning. Not posed. Not fake. But real sleeping. My sweet boy.