Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well, Emerson is still sick or has allergies or something...I went in to check on her early this morning and there is snot everywhere. Is it bad that I let her continue sleeping in it? She was comfortable so I did not want to wake her...

We are leaving in 6-8 hours. I got up early this morning to finish laundry and start packing. What am I doing instead? Blogging and playing on our computer...Why? Becuse we got a new one on Sunday! I am such a techie nerd and LOVE new stuff like this. We really don't have any money to being doing such frivolous shopping, but our old computer died. I mean really died, as in would not even turn on. So, we did what any family today would do and ran right out to buy a new one. It is super fun, fast and fancy...some early morning alliteration for you:)

Have I mentioned that 4th of July is Steve's 2nd favorite holiday (2nd to Thanksgiving)? It is so funny, he is sooo pumped to go on this trip because of the combination of the holiday and getting to see his family. Too cute.

Anyways, we are still going on our trip with Emy. We are going under the stipulation that if she does not do well we will come home early- it is only a 3 hour drive. So, fingers crossed that she does fine so we can all enjoy our much needed vacation.

Bye Bye

I may or may not be online while we are gone...let's be honest though, with a computer nerd like me I probably will...regardless have a great weekend and a super 4th of July.




Anonymous said...

Love that pic!! Have a great time and hope Emy feels better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

aww! Bye bye Emy and Sabrina! Have a great Fourth!