Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New stats and more fussiness

Emerson had her 9 month check-up yesterday. For those of you interested in stats, they are as follows:

17 lbs 10 oz- 28% percentile
28 1/8in- 70% percentile

So, she is still long and lean. Of course, I worry about her weight, but the doctor keeps reassuring me that she if fine. Her growth since birth has consistently been at the same rate, so he predicts she will always be long and lean- lucky her.

In the beginning of the exam, the nurse was asking me all her developmental questions: "Is she crawling? Is she cruising? Does she eat finger foods?", etc. Then she got to the question, "Does she show stranger anxiety?" I literally laughed out loud. Later the nurse came over to Emy and laid her down to take her measurements. Instantly, Emerson started screaming eventhough I was standing right there and holding her hand. The nurse looked at me and said, "Yep, she has it pretty bad." Oh well, I guess it is normal. Annoying, but normal.

So, after the drama with the growth spurt, feeding changes and sleep changes a couple weeks ago I figured that we were probably set for a little while. Wrong. Since Saturday Emerson has been oddly fussy. Not cying fussy, but whiny fussy. It is not just right before nap time like usual, but all the time. Even right after she wakes up. This is really abnormal for her. This is the first time in her life that she has been like this. She is normally so content and pleasant with whatever is going on around her.

After her appointment yesterday, we know that she does not have an ear infection. One thought is that she could be teething on the top, but when her two lower teeth came in she was not like this at all. What about sleep? Does she need her naps to be increased back to 4 hours instead of 3 hours total? What about the movement thing? Is she just frustrated that she can't get around like she wants too? I am at a total loss....I would love some advice or suggestions. Shoot me a comment or an email if you get a chance.



bethany said...

When Jakson was really fussy around Emy's age, I always assumed it was teething--most of the time I was wrong seeing as he didn't start cutting a tooth until he was 1 year and then there was NO doubt about what was happening!! I would try increasing the nap time and see if that helps. I know how frustrating it is when a kid is fussy and you can not figure out why-I still deal with it!! If you ever figure it out-let me know cause I would be interested to know....
As for the weight thing, Jak has been in the 10-15% since he was a baby and like your doctor said, as long as there aren't any major drops in percentile, it's not a big deal. There are just big kids and small kids-she's easier to lift!! :) I've stopped worrying about it only because I know that Zak and I aren't big people either. Well, especially Zak.
And I'm so excited about your projects especially if I get to reap some of the benefits :) Hooray!