Friday, July 18, 2008

Serious Obsessions

Okay for starters, Emerson is obsessed with daddy. It is so adorable at times and very frustrating at other times. Since she has been waking up at 6-6:30 am (yes, that is still going on) she sees daddy first thing in the morning. This turns into a breakdown every morning when he leaves. Dang, if she would just start sleeping until 7:30 like she used to this would not be a problem. Out of sight out of mind. When Steve comes home from work, it is all daddy. Forget about mommy. She grabs for him and wants him to play with her and carry her around. Also sweet but sometimes annoying. I am so thrilled that she loves him so much and I know that I will grow to love this later in life. A daughters' love of her father is so precious.

In other news, I am obsessed too...with my new hobby....sewing! I have been dying to learn for about a year now. My mother-in-law gave me one of her old machines and some lessons over the fourth of july weekend. So, now I am off and running...or stumbling. I have all these grand ideas. They aren't quite turning out the way I would like yet. They start off great and then I look at the finished product and think, gee, those seams aren't straight, or that could have been done a little better. Oh well, I will get better with time, right? I hope so because I would love to turn this into a little business of some sort.

This sewing obsession has also led to an obsession with fabrics. I can't stop buying them. I see them and instantly see an idea. Right now I am all about the baby stuff...everything from clothing to burp cloths. I think I am into that for two reasons, One- all my friends and pregnant and I have a baby:) and Two- the stuff is small and therefore requires little fabric and seems easier.

Anyways, many of you will be on the receiving end of these items in the near future. Just smile and don't look at the stictching too closely. :) I will post some pics of completed projects soon.



bethany said...

Jakson is the same way about his daddy-the nice thing about it is when I've had a long day with him, I have an excuse to pass him off onto Zak :)

And I know what you mean about it being an obsession-once you get started it's hard to stop. Especially buying fabric!! I have a rule that I can't buy anything unless I know what I'm gonna use it for, but I can always think of some project I can use cute fabric for!!

If you need any tutorials or anything, let me know-I've got a ton of links!!

Erin said...

I want to learn how to sew so bad!!!!!! there is a funky fabric shop here so I'll go check it out for you...and there's this chick at market who sells baby bonnets (Ry has one) and they go like hot cakes...for real, she sells a ton every week...something to think about ;)

Erin said...

oh...and also feel you on the Daddy's girl thing. I have Cierra by myself for a month at a time and we're bff but the second Kevin comes home she's like "mommy who?" So I'm determined to make Ry a Momma's girl

Amy said...

WOO HOO!!! You are getting very sleepy... I see BLUE fabric in your future... (this is my attempt at hypnotizing you, is it working?) ac

Lauren said...

Yay sewing!

Have you discovered Amy Butler's fabric? And Joel Dewberry's? Google them!

Steph V said...

just so you know...i am again jealous. i wish mackenzie was a daddy's girl. she reached out for him and then quickly changes her mind. at times it's such a special feeling knowing how much she loves me, but the rest of the time i would love an easy break!